Cute Owl Pumpkin

"Hoo" says a pumpkin can't be trendy? This easy-to-create owl pumpkin requires no intricate patterns or pumpkin-carving skills and is an adorable way to greet Halloween guests and trick-or-treaters.
Cute Owl Pumpkin Step 7

Cute Owl Pumpkin Step 7

Materials Needed:

  • large orange pumpkin
  • medium orange pumpkin
  • 3 small white or yellow pumpkins/gourds
  • sharp knife
  • toothpicks
  • newspaper
  • tablespoon
  • permanent marker

Choose Pumpkins

Choose one large pumpkin to serve as the body of the owl and three small white or yellow pumpkins or gourds to act as the eyes, beak, ears and feet. Choose an additional medium-sized pumpkin, as well.

Halloween Owl Pumpkin Step 1

Halloween Owl Pumpkin Step 1

Cut Pumpkins

Cut two of the small pumpkins in half. Use a tablespoon to remove pumpkin flesh. The bottoms of each of these pumpkins will act as the owl's eyes.

Halloween Owl Pumpkin Eyes Step 2

Halloween Owl Pumpkin Eyes Step 2

Attach Eyes

Push two toothpicks into the front of the large pumpkin where the eyes will be positioned. Gently push the bottom halves of the small pumpkins onto the toothpicks.

Cut Feet, Beak and Ears

Use a sharp knife to cut out three slices of the third small pumpkin. Remove seeds and flesh with a tablespoon.

Pumpkin Carving Step 4

Pumpkin Carving Step 4

Insert Toothpicks

Insert toothpicks where the ears, beak and feet should be positioned, then gently push the pumpkin pieces onto them.

Halloween Owl Pumpkin Step 5

Halloween Owl Pumpkin Step 5

Draw HOO

Using a permanent marker, write the word "HOO" on the best side of the medium-sized pumpkin, then display it next to the completed owl pumpkin.

Pumpkin Phrases Step 6

Pumpkin Phrases Step 6

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