How to Clean Windows

Learn how to clean windows like a pro with these step-by-step instructions.
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When it comes to cleaning windows, nothing beats the professional cleaner's tool of choice: the squeegee. You'll also need a squeegee wet cover (or a cleaning cloth attached with rubber bands) and dry cleaning cloths. Have your preferred window-cleaning solution ready in a large bucket.

Apply the Cleaning Solution

Dunk the squeegee with the wet cover or attached cleaning cloth into the bucket, then smear the cleaning solution over the entire surface of the window (Image 1). Don't worry about drips; we'll catch up with them at the end.

Remove the wet cover or cleaning cloth from the squeegee. Working from top to bottom, draw the squeegee across the window, skimming the cleaning solution and dirt from the glass (Image 2). Curve the squeegee downward at the end of each stroke.

Dry the Squeegee

Window Washing Etiquette: Dry the Squeegee

Window Washing Etiquette: Dry the Squeegee

Photo by: DK - House Works ©2010 Dorling Kindersley Limited

DK - House Works, 2010 Dorling Kindersley Limited

Wipe the squeegee dry after each pass across the window with a fresh cleaning cloth; remember to work from the top moving to the bottom of the window. A dry squeegee avoids drips and keeps unsightly streaks from forming.

Finish With a Cleaning Cloth

Window Cleaning With a Cloth

Window Cleaning With a Cloth

Photo by: DK - House Works ©2010 Dorling Kindersley Limited

DK - House Works, 2010 Dorling Kindersley Limited

Finished with the squeegee? Run the cleaning cloth along the "wet" side of the window to dry the drips left behind. Move to the window sill and soak up any puddled cleaning solution. Polish the sill dry with a fresh cleaning cloth and let the light shine.

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