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  • HDWAR-102H
    The sun and surf-loving Fleming family love to spend time in the great outdoors but back at home, their bland backyard is in desperate need of some TLC. Competing to win the project, designers Bridgid Coulter, Dimitri Von Rathscheck, and Ra

  • HDWAR-103H
    While they love the outdoors and spend as much time as they can on the beach, the Jacobson's open-plan family room is a charm free zone where no one feels comfortable. Designers Jolene Huitt, Ames Ingham, and Kelly LaPlante are all vying to

  • HDWAR-112H
    A Southern family with two young kids, the Muraskis' traditional home needs a style injection. The dining room and den area has become a sprawling playroom, and now Mom and Dad are hoping to transform it into a refined area the whole family

  • HDWAR-110H
    The Rubadue family are a tight-knit and traditional Southern clan but when it comes to their mancave living room full of swords and taxidermy, they definitely don't see eye to eye. Interior designers Lori May, Jason Dunn, and Allison Harper

  • HDWAR-107H
    The Benjamins moved across the country to be closer to their relatives, but with two small boys and a busy lifestyle, they've got no time to redesign their lifeless large-scale dining room. Melanie Turner, Alexandra Hernandez, and Charles N

  • HDWAR-105H
    Busy lawyers with an active lifestyle and two toddlers, the Joneses have little time to devote to their much-loved Spanish Colonial home, and their bare-bones master bedroom is in urgent need of a makeover. Designers Rachel Winokur, Kyle Sc

  • HDWAR-113H
    The Potts family has been busy with renovations but now they've run into a roadblock. With its sloped ceiling and multiple functions, they just don't know what to do with their home office and media space. Designers Akesha Patterson, Jennif

  • HDWAR-108H
    The tight-knit Minnick family loves their home but their lackluster family room is crying out for a makeover. Hoping to transform it into a warm space that reflects the family's charm and style, designers Anisa Darnell, Robert White, and Ki

  • HDWAR-101H
    With three young children and a hectic schedule, the tight-knit Kernell family has little time or money to renovate and their design dream is to see new life breathed into their unloved family room. Designers Vanessa De Vargas, Rafi Kalichs

  • HDWAR-109H
    With four kids under the same roof, the Hunter's gracious home is full of love but its lackluster entryway and adjoining family room are suffering from serious neglect. Interior designers Niki McNeill, Jennifer Reiner, and Michael Peters ar

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When three top interior designers come together in a family's home to battle it out through a series of demanding style challenges, there are tears, drama and plenty of high emotion. Ultimately only one can win the right to restyle a problem space in the family's home. The pressure is on as the family eliminates two designers after two tough style challenges! The designer left standing now gets the chance to create the final transformation. Who will the family choose to create the ultimate room?