Catastrophe Inc.

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  • HCATI-102H
    Raging wildfires forced the Dougherty family to quickly evacuate their Colorado home. Glenn, Lindsay and their four children escaped the hot and windy temperatures just in time. Fearing the worst, the Doughertys knew they would never see th

  • HCATI-112H
    The Catastophe Inc team takes young newlyweds Jeff and Ashlie West from disaster house to dream home. When an F-4 tornado hit Hattiesburg, Mississippi, the West's first home was destroyed. The storm tore off the roof and ripped their mast

  • HCATI-113H
    One afternoon Jessica Mussell and her family came home to a horrible disaster. City sewage had backed up through the bathroom, making the home completely unlivable. To make matters worse, Jessica is battling breast cancer and now cannot set

  • HCATI-101H
    A violent thunderstorm unlike any other ripped through the home of Jason and Holly Trice, making the unthinkable happen. Ferocious wind speeds caused a 100-year-old tree to be uprooted from their yard, crashing directly into the side of the

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When disaster strikes, it's the police, paramedics, firefighters and other first responders that save the day, but the unsung heroes of every catastrophe are the guys who clean it up. Long after the floods have receded and fires have been extinguished, the crew from Catastrophe Incorporated toil away in the muck and grime to change people's lives by restoring their homes.