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  • HCATI-107H
    Hurricane Sandy was a storm unlike any other the Jersey shore had seen. This superstorm devastated the area and hit the small coastal town of Port Monmouth hard..leaving Dan and Maria Benbrook's home in shambles. The entire first level of t

  • HCATI-105H
    In a two year span, Hurricane Irene, Tropical Storm Lee and Hurricane Sandy decended upon Michelle McConville's home in Eastern Pensyvania. This family couldn't keep up with the damage the house constantly endured. The basement-level fami

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When disaster strikes, it's the police, paramedics, firefighters and other first responders that save the day, but the unsung heroes of every catastrophe are the guys who clean it up. Long after the floods have receded and fires have been extinguished, the crew from Catastrophe Incorporated toil away in the muck and grime to change people's lives by restoring their homes.