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Step Inside the Real "Downton Abbey"

Photo Tour: Downton Abbey Castle

The stately home that millions of Downton Abbey fans have grown to know and adore is no movie set. It's an actual working estate in England's countryside and home to modern day members of the real British aristocracy. Go inside Highclere Castle to see its lavish rooms and meet the real-life lord and lady of the manor.

Photo Tour: Downton Abbey Castle

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See video clips revealing the secrets of Downton Abbey's Highclere Castle, Princess Diana's family home and more.

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Althorp House: A Cherished British Legacy

See Photos of Althorp Castle

HGTV takes you to the ancestral home of England's revered Spencer family and the magnificent estate where Princess Diana spent her childhood.

Photo Tour: Althorp Castle

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Ever dream of visiting the real Downton Abbey? HGTV shows you how with this all-access pass into Highclere Castle, the famous backdrop for the smash-hit series. We also reveal insiders' travel secrets to two more famed manor homes in the English countryside: the childhood home of Princess Diana and a historic house that YOU can sleep in!