Beyond the Box

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  • Cost-Cutting Kitchens

    Get ideas for creating a dream kitchen on the cheap.

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  • Bathrooms on a Budget

    Get inspired: These beautiful redos didn't cost a mint.

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  • Save Money on Updates

    Creative ways to use inexpensive materials.

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  • Cost-Cutting Kitchens
  • Budget Baths
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About This Show

Beyond the Box defies the notion that you need to break the bank to live in a beautifully designed home. In fact, there's a new breed of homeowners who are redefining the way homes are built: creative individuals who thrive on the challenge of finding inexpensive materials and using them in innovative and unusual ways. They crave good design and are unwilling to sacrifice it to create a beautiful home. Each episode takes the viewer on a visual journey that not only focuses on four amazingly creative homes but also inspires you to think out of the box. Beyond the Box proves that unique, affordable homes can be created with vision, great design sense, and innovation.

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