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  • HBHOM-118H
    Take a look at four phenomenal homes. Start with a Mediterranean villa on La Jolla Coast. Next see a beachfront Hacienda in Malibu. Then check out an ultra modern design in Pacific Palisades. Finally go to Paradise Cove to see a traditional

  • HBHOM-102H
    Check out four of the most spectacular homes ever built. Tour celebrity estates and estates that are celebrities. First, head to Malibu to see a 75-million-dollar mansion that will leave you star-struck. Then tour a modern ocean-side abode

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Tour the most luxurious estates from around the world as Beautiful Homes takes you inside the gated communities, prestigious neighborhoods and most magnificent residences you can only dream about calling home. From traditional classic abodes to fantastic contemporary retreats, it's the ultimate in home design and a rare peek into an exclusive lifestyle. Meet the top decorators, architects and designers who use their expertise and professional design secrets on thousands of square feet with an unlimited budget. Welcome to the most beautiful, luxurious and expensive estates from around the world.