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Trend Alert: Bold Earthy Hues

Whether pulling color ideas from the mountains, oceans, deserts or forests, the earth is our best source of inspiration. Bring the world’s beautiful hues into your home in a new, stunning way.

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Photo: Bess Friday. From: Lauren Nelson.

Make an Earthy Impression

Not just relegated to browns, sands and grays, earth tones run the range from reds and oranges to greens and blues. And even the safest of earthy shades can be amped up to transform a room from bland to striking. From kitchens and bathrooms to bedrooms and living rooms, these color palettes inspired by Mother Earth are sure to inspire a refresh of your home.

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Photo: Laure Joliet. From: FLO Design Studio.

Achieve All-Out Glam

Gorgeous stonework wraps this main bathroom in full-on drama. Floor-to-ceiling slabs are the epitome of pure luxury that’s highlighted by trendy mixed metals — oil-rubbed bronze and brass — in the fixtures and hardware. A bright white double vanity and soaker tub, along with a picturesque window, break up the deep hues, allowing the eye to rest.

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Photo: Raquel Langworthy. From: Karen B Wolf Interiors.

Swim Into the Deep Blues

For this waterside retreat, designer Karen B. Wolf pulled inspiration from the deep blue seas. Dark navy cabinetry pairs with a chevron-striped backsplash for this entertaining-ready wet bar. The rest of the space is kept white and bright for a sophisticated nautical aesthetic.

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Photo: Galina Coada Photography. From: Pineapple House Interior Design.

Look Up Into the Blacks

Compose a more intimate environment for your bedroom by painting the ceiling black. Even painted black, the wood planks add a decidedly more rustic feel than if the ceiling had been left flat. Soft neutrals juxtapose against the shades of ebony.

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