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A Pet's Guide to Minneapolis

Big-city barker or country canine? Minneapolis is the place to be your doggone self! Let's check out the city from a pooch's perspective.

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Photo: Suzie Brockman for Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board

Welcome to Minneapolis

Minneapolis is a furry favorite for HGTV Urban Oasis 2019. It's the delicately seasoned, organic rawhide treat of American cities. With acres and acres of green space, seven city parks just for pups, shops with open- (dog-) door policies and paw-friendly restaurant and brewery patios, it's a city that truly appreciates all that bowwow buddies bring under the table. We'll take a look at some specific places favored by residents and inviting to visitors of all stripes — and spots.

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Photo: Gettyimages/WebSubstance

Sit, Stay and Lie Down

Visiting the Mill City and need a place to stay? You'll want to lie down for this part but in a good way, because dozens of Minneapolis hotels are happy to accommodate tails and whiskers. There's generally some fine print about number, type, size and disposition of animals but there are a few standout places that treat the four-legged as well as the two. (Better, really, since they aren't asking pups to "paw" the bill.) Cases in point: Radisson Red and the Grand Hotel. Both have generous pet policies that welcome feline friends, providing animal-specific bed-and-water-bowl accommodations, treats and swag. You know what all this means? A visit to Minneapolis lets you "ruff it" instead of rough it!

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Photo: Gettyimages/Kohei Hara

Patio Feasts

Minneapolis is also full of fantastic eateries with outdoor patios that welcome canine companions. Only a couple minutes' walk from HGTV Urban Oasis 2019, the Sea Salt Eatery is the place to refresh after a high-speed frolic in the city's most popular dog park (more about that later). The restaurant is located in Minnehaha Regional Park and is open only for the fair-weather part of the year. Sebastian Joe's ice cream — a local favorite — is served here and human friends will love Sea Salt's Crabcake Sandwich. Another good choice is Hi-Lo Diner, a short drive from the home and featuring a really comfy patio. I'm told the Hashed Stuffed Hash for breakfast can keep a person going until dinner.

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Photo: Carrie Hamblin

Everyone Eats

For a special treat, we drag the humans to Stanley's Northeast Bar Room or the Howe Daily Kitchen & Bar, close to HGTV Urban Oasis 2019. Both restaurants feature year-round, climate-controlled "paw-tios" and pup patrons are given a water dish and yoga mat to use. (They must have heard how great we are at downward-facing dog.) Nothing to complain about there, for sure, but we really came for the Craft & Crew dog menu: a three-course selection for the four-legged. The fido-favorite dish is Nala's Turkey Muttloaf, and our feline friend absolutely demands a to-go order of Salmon Cakes every time we visit. "Yappy Hour" coincides with the human Happy Hour from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., meaning a dollar off entrees for us and a dollar off drinks for them. It's weird: Visiting during Yappy Hour seems to translate to a better chance of my getting dessert.

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