Get to Know the Comforts of a High-Tech Home

Think your home is comfy? Let’s take it up a notch—HGTV Smart Home 2017 shows you how with clever tips, ideas, and home improvements. Sponsored by Daikin

By: Karin Beurlein

Photo By: Robert Peterson; Rustic White Photography

Photo By: Robert Peterson; Rustic White Photography

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Brittany Ambridge

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Brittany Ambridge

Photo By: Brittany Ambridge

Photo By: Brittany Ambridge

Heating and Cooling

One-size-fits-all climate control is so 20th century. HGTV Smart Home 2017 is divided into five zones that are heated and cooled only as needed, saving energy and maximizing comfort. Each zone has its own temperature sensors that communicate with the central climate control system from Daikin. This means you can cool your bedroom comfortably at night—without cooling off the pantry or an empty guest room at the same time. Here, the home office hosts a bank of thermostats that control all five zones of the house. 

Programmable Thermostat

Each thermostat features simple, easy-to-use touch controls—but the system does all the temperature monitoring for you, so you can take a hands-off approach without compromising comfort or energy savings.

Clever Misting System

Reclaim your favorite outdoor space in the hottest days of summer by adding a cool mist system. Individual emitters overhead send out a refreshing ultra-fine mist that is dispersed by the nearby fan, making your sweltering patio area enjoyable again—without getting you or furniture wet.

Charging Station

All your devices can be stored at eye level thanks to a smart under-cabinet lighting system that includes mounts for tablets and phones. Drop-down chargers and pop-up outlets appear at different points throughout the kitchen so you don’t have to go looking for an outlet. 

High-Tech TV

The master bedroom is designed to be a true haven—you can access almost all functions via smart controls so that once you relax, you can really relax. For starters, the smart TV across from the bed is controlled by a voice-activated remote.

The Perfect Amount of Lighting

Skylights over the bed and chaise can be shut, shaded or vented to control the entry of light and heat, all via touch screen.

Restful Nights

Ditch your wearable sleep monitor and say hello to a smart bed. Underneath these stylish linens and plush pillows, embedded sensors can communicate with your favorite wellness app to track your weekly sleep patterns and help you get deeper, more restful sleep.

Smart and Stylish

Smart light switches are easily reachable from either side of the bed. They’re wi-fi ready, operated with just a press of the finger and connected via app to a central hub that can set mood lighting for every room of the home.

Top-Notch Toilet

When you think about comfort, is your toilet the first thing that springs to mind? Starting now, it might be. This smart toilet means business—it has heated seats, footwarmers, and speakers that can play your personalized playlist, plus built-in programs for ambient lighting. It’s also a functional bidet that includes a personal cleansing system and air dryer, and you can open and close the cover hands-free. The real question: will you ever want to leave your bathroom again?

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