8 Ways to Anchor Your Space with a Great Rug

A gorgeous rug can tie your whole look together—see how we did it in HGTV Smart Home 2017 with design tips and ideas courtesy of Bassett Furniture & Home Accessories

By: Karin Beurlein

Photo By: Brittany Ambridge

Photo By: Brittany Ambridge

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Brittany Ambridge

Photo By: Brittany Ambridge

Photo By: Brittany Ambridge

A Grounding Focal Point

A room with soaring ceilings and abundant space, like the great room in HGTV Smart Home 2017, needs a bit of grounding to keep from feeling cold and empty. Designer Tiffany Brooks chose this bold tribal print rug from Bassett’s Marrakesh collection to draw the eye toward the cozy seating area and wide, inviting fireplace.  

Charming Tribal Print

Here’s a closer look at the charcoal-and-tan print, which picks up the wood tones of the artisan-made square cocktail table. The plush pile of the rug feels amazing underfoot.

Antique Inspired

In the guest bedroom, the soft, antique-look area rug sets the color theme for an otherwise neutral space. And rugs aren’t confined to the floor—think of them as textiles you can put anywhere for effect. Here, a smaller Southwestern-themed rug is draped over the bed’s headboard as an accent.

Not Just for the Floor

The Navajo-style accent rug on the headboard echoes the textures and colors of the wall art.

Layers of Texture

A rug over carpet? Yes, please! Layering rugs and carpets gives a feeling of more texture and warmth, plus allows you to add more visual contrast anywhere you need it. Designer Tiffany Brooks chose this geometric black and white print to complement the blues and blacks found in the room’s textiles and wall art.

Size Matters

A rug can serve to define a smaller functional space within a larger open room. Here, it essentially creates a dining room niche—note that the rug is large enough to allow chairs to push away from the table without catching the rug’s edge.

A Winning Combination

Up close, you can see how richly textured the rug’s pattern is, playing well with the bold blue wall art and the sumptuous fabric on the dining room chairs.

Bold and Beautiful Pattern

Not to be outdone, the outdoor space also uses a striking patterned rug to define the patio seating area. The pattern pulls from themes in the ceramic planters, the graphic pillows, and even the umbrella in the distance for a unified look.

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