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Discover Eye-Catching Coastal Curb Appeal

We may head to the coast for the surf and the sea, but we’re staying for these captivating coastal homes with ultimate curb appeal.

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Photo: Chad Mellon. From: Lindye Galloway.

Coastal Curb Appeal at Its Best

Just because these homes have the beauty of the coast on one or more sides doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice their curb appeal on the roadside boundary. Designer Lindye Galloway merges a classic coastal color palette — blue and white — with vast swaths of glass to take in the surroundings and pour in natural light. From front to back, the home offers welcoming outdoor spaces that are perfect for taking in the ocean breeze.

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Be Quintessentially Coastal

Whether driving down the road or walking the sidewalk, this house is guaranteed to stop you in your tracks. Located on the Gulf of Mexico, the Siesta Key home boasts incredible curb appeal. Palms, elephant ear, boxwoods and ferns combine with swaying grasses to fill the entrance with lush greenery. Lining the walkway up to the front door are bursts of color in the red, pink and white blooms.

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Keep It Simple (and Grand!)

When your home overlooks beautiful sky and sea, allow the exterior to complement without taking away from the picturesque scene. An elegant, low-pitched shingled roof pairs with stucco walls for this Montecito, Calif., home, which is surrounded by a paver driveway and boxwood bushes. The first flower bed you encounter has a simple yet gorgeous combo of jacaranda trees and agave plants — the perfect accompaniment to the house’s architecture and view beyond.

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Illuminate the Front

Shades of green set the scene for this Naples, Fla., home. Towering palm trees, magnolias and hedges, along with grasses and greenery, envelop the driveway to create an inviting entry to this British Colonial home. Look for plants and trees that are varying heights, textures and foliage to deliver eye-catching interest, even when you keep all the landscaping green. Palm trees are wrapped in lights to add an extra sparkle to the outdoor space.

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