Layering Materials at HGTV Dream Home 2016

Get design tips and catch a glimpse of the colorful fabrics, textures, and patterns handpicked for HGTV Dream Home 2016.

Starting from Scratch

During my initial trip to New York to select all of the interior furnishings for HGTV Dream Home 2016, my team and I worked with a design studio on employing our collective editing skills throughout the process of layering. 

Layers 101

As far as layers are concerned, it's not really about having lots and lots of objects as it is a mix of materials, finishes, sheen and textures artfully arranged together in the same space. 

The Power of Pairs

Anytime you're making many selections, it's wise to have an extra person with you to bounce ideas off of. 

Colors, Textures and Patterns

A well-layered room has different shades of the same color introduced with textiles and accessories, metallic, wooden and/or stone objects ranging in size, shape and scale, underfoot textures found in both patterned and solid rugs, and an interesting play on soft and coarse surfaces.

Bring Along Mood Boards

Create mood boards to take with you as you shop to ensure proper layering. All you'll need to do in order to create these are images of all key elements for the space arranged artfully and printed on thick card stock.

Locate Natural Light

We set up the interior furnishing selections for HGTV Dream Home 2016 near windows with ample natural light to ensure the color values of fabrics, furniture finishes, rugs and paint read true to color.

Designing the Master Bedroom

In the master bedroom, I had planned on introducing shades of turquoise in teal in almost every spot, but then found the overall look too overpowering and instead chose lots of elements in crisp white to help neutralize the intensity of the wall color.

Going Lighter in the Media Room

In the media room of HGTV Dream Home 2016, I initially planned on high-energy blue walls; however, after sourcing all of my furniture, floor covering, window covering and artwork, a more muted shade of gray green was a better fit. 

Go Green

Try to include greenery at different heights to add a sense of nature near, on top of or around all of the outdoor furnishings.

Don't Forget About the Finish

As we made selections one room at a time, we also paid close attention to our furniture finishes, choosing antique painted finishes to contrast against much newer, polished elements.    

Think Outside the House

Layering doesn't just apply to indoor spaces. It's actually just as relevant for outdoor rooms, such as patios, lanais or porches, as it is for spots that have four walls and a ceiling.

Take a Second Look

After a full round of sourcing elements, it's smart to consider a second pass at every space, even getting a second opinion if you're stuck between two things you love equally, like fabrics or upholstery details. Many times I find that something I initially loved and considered my first choice doesn't play as well as with the other surrounding elements and I end up going with my backup selection for a more balanced end result.

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