Sleep your
way to better

Restore the whole picture of your wellness—physical, emotional and mental—with quality sleep.

The foundation of your health and wellness begins with quality sleep. It renews energy, promotes recovery, boosts wellbeing and impacts brain function.

Use Smart Technology
to Better Your Sleep

The HGTV Smart Home 2022 uses smart technology throughout the house to make every aspect of life just a little easier. And it doesn't stop at the bedroom door. The Sleep Number 360® smart bed measures the key factors affecting your sleep quality, effortlessly adjusts to you, uses ground-breaking features and personal insights to help continually improve your overall sleep health and wellness.

Health and wellness begins with quality sleep

Your Physical Wellbeing

Regular exercise has a major impact on your physical wellbeing, from improving heart rate and blood pressure to strengthening your muscles. Additionally, exercise has a hidden benefit: it contributes to better sleep.

Move your body in the morning for a positive effect on your circadian rhythm.

What is a Circadian Rhythm? Your body's internal 24-hour clock regulates your systems, including the sleep/wake cycle.

Spend time outside to relax your mind and reduce physiological stress.

Get the benefits of a walk in a mere 12 minutes every day.

Create a daily walking routine by setting a reminder or planning a meet up with friends or coworkers.

Don't exercise too close to bedtime since it causes your body to produce adrenaline and epinephrine that'll wake you up.

your emotional

Prioritize sleep to positively affect your emotional wellbeing and for a greater sense of calm, happiness and balance. Create a to-do list for the next day to settle your mind before going to sleep. And don't be afraid to ask (and accept!) help from friends and family and narrow down your chore list to achievable must-dos for the next day.

Simple Tips for Self-Care

Stick to a bedtime

Turn off the TV and put your phone on "Do Not Disturb."

Take a true lunch break

Mindful eating leads to healthier food choices and may help with digestive issues.

Take a minute

Go for a walk and phone a friend.

Make your bed

Seems simple but it helps start your day feeling accomplished.

Keep your bedroom clutter free

A messy room feels stressful and impacts your sleep sanctuary.

Your Mental

Sleep is so important for your mental wellbeing and gives your brain the chance to recover and refuel for the next day. While sleeping, your brain can process complex stimuli, absorb new information, transfer memories to long-term storage to help with forgetfulness and flush out toxic molecules.

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