Go on Location With Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis

Nicole Curtis buys collapsing historic homes and renovates them from the ground up before the city can tear them down. Check out these behind-the-scenes photos of Nicole on set.
By: Jennifer Brake
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Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Meet Nicole Curtis

As host of Rehab Addict, Nicole Curtis saves condemned houses from demoliton with her skills as an interior designer, licensed realtor and self-taught rehabber.

Behind the Scenes

Nicole provides detailed explanations and tips for her steps in the renovation process. Many of her tips can be used in your own home renovation. Watch Nicole's latest collection of video tips.

Heavy Equipment? No Problem.

It can be hard to tell what condition a house is in when it's buried under dense vegetation. For this project, Nicole uses her Bobcat-driving skills to clear a yard before starting work on the house.

Getting Up To Code

Because the homes she rehabs are sometimes centuries old, many of their electrical and plumbing systems have to be completely ripped out and re-routed to ensure the renovated house meets city code requirements.

Rescue Renovator

Many of the houses on Rehab Addict have a set demolition date. Nicole fights the clock to return these homes to their former grandeur before the city brings in the wrecking ball.

Old Is New Again

Nicole tries to retain as much of the original home as possible when rehabbing so the house feels old and authentic after the renovation. She often uses scrap materials found in other old homes to complete necessary repairs.

Always Hands-On

Nicole isn't one to stand on the sidelines while a construction crew does all the work. She takes part in any demolition necessary before repairs in addition to any re-building that needs to be done.

A Quick Study

Nicole tackles new problems with each house she renovates. This one needed a new roof, so Nicole pitched in to help remove the old shingles though she had never done roof work before.

Skilled with the Saw

Nicole gears up to try tree carving to turn a fallen tree into a work of art as an alternative to cutting it down completely.

Thrifty Designer

An expert in salvage-picking, Nicole prides herself on being able to renovate and stage a home on a tight budget. Many of the furniture pieces she uses for staging are donated, salvaged from previous renovations or unique garage sale finds.

Demo One, Save Another

Unfortunately, sometimes restoring a home means knocking down the one next to it. Nicole was forced to sacrifice one house with major fire damage in order to save its next door neighbor.

Detroit Native

Nicole loves rehabbing homes in her hometown of Detroit because she gets to see her family and sometimes even recruits them to help with her projects.

Saving History

Nicole always finds a way to maintain the integrity of old houses while updating them with modern amenities. Her determination to save historic homes keeps neighborhoods from losing some of the most beautiful features they have. See more Nicole photos at DIYNetwork.com

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