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33 Beautiful Spaces From 'Outgrown'

With expert design tips to boot!

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You likely know and love designer Luke Caldwell and builder Clint Robertson as the hosts of Boise Boys. But now, over a year after the last episode of the show's second season, Luke and Clint are changing directions while remaining true to their love of building and design. This time, instead of flipping houses, they're catering to the changing needs of static homes in HGTV's latest series, Outgrown. Ahead, discover 33 stunning spaces from the first season of the show, along with expert tips from Luke and Clint themselves.

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Unconventional Gallery Walls

Oftentimes gallery walls are used to add personality to a space’s wall, but Luke reminds us that they can also be hung to create a sense of belonging amongst a family. For one Outgrown family who adopted their little boy, Luke created this unique statement gallery.

“It was really touching to me and my family because we’ve gone through that quite a few times, and it was so special to be able to work on their house and know how they feel,” Luke, who adopted five of his eight children, shared. “With our kids, when they were adopted, it’s scary. Even though there’s so much joy, there’s still a lot of pain and hurt, too. And I think that… the first thing that I wanted was for him and all the kids to see when they walked into the house for the first time is that ‘You belong here.’ This is your family; this is your home.”

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Built-Ins Galore

Whether you don’t want to fuss over finding furniture that works well to house your electronics, games, and other goods, or you simply like the look of uniform shelves and cabinets, Luke and Clint are both big advocates for built-ins.

“From a functional perspective — Luke and I have always kind of been function and form — everyone needs to have a place, especially today when TVs are increasing in size by the minute, and so you need a functional place for your TV and a functional place for everything else,” Clint says. A built-in offers a great way to deliver on both.

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Built-Ins Keep it Organized

Built-ins aren’t only for living rooms, though. They work well in bedrooms, too—especially kids’ rooms.

“With a lot of kids, everything needs a home,” Luke explains, noting that built-ins are a great solution. “When you love your house but there’s not a lot of free space, you have to figure out how to get things off the floor and go vertical with it.”

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