25 Things You Didn't Know About Carmine Sabatella and Mike Pyle

HGTV sat down with the hosts of Inside Out to learn more about their lives, families and design styles. All the fun details lay ahead.

July 18, 2022

Photo by: Erik Voake / Getty Images

Erik Voake / Getty Images

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Ask Inside Out co-host and landscape designer Mike Pyle about his first meeting with co-host Carmine Sabatella, an interior designer and real estate agent, and you might wonder how the pair ended up working together on a show.

“We have a mutual friend who introduced us when Carmine was looking for a landscaper for a big project he was working on in Pasadena," says Mike. "Not long afterwards, I presented Carmine with a quote, yet he never hired me for the job!"

But when Mike was approached by an HGTV producer about a new television show that featured both interiors and exteriors, he immediately thought of Carmine. “I was so impressed by his expertise and work ethic, I knew we’d make a great team,” shares Mike.

And so Inside Out — which follows Mike and Carmine as they work together to balance client priorities while transforming both the interior and exterior of a home — was born.

The show returns to HGTV for a second season on Monday, Aug. 1 at 8/7c, so we sat down with the dynamic duo (more on their connection with Batman and Robin later) for a deep dive — and discovered they actually have a lot in common. Check out what else we learned about these Southern California natives.

They’re Homebodies

Carmine: I’ve been married to my husband Ryan Delair for four years, and have a daughter, Gianna, who just turned 17. We have three dogs (Winston, Archie and Joleen), a grumpy bunny named Franklin and lots of koi fish. I was an only child growing up, and I’m an Los Angeles boy through and through, having graduated from USC with a double major in business and public relations. I love traveling and exploring new places, but the truth is I’m a homebody and love a good staycation with my family and pets.

Mike: My wife Lizzy and I just celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary. We have two beautiful daughters: Stevie, who’s 2 years old, and Elle who's 3 months. Our French bulldog is named Steeler after my favorite football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. I grew up in Orange County with a younger sister named London and went to college for all of two days — knew it wasn’t for me — and worked my way up the trades. I love to play golf, but in the end I’m a homebody and love tinkering around my house and chilling with my wife and kids.

They Love Hanging Out Together

Carmine: Mike is truly the sweetest, kindest person. He has zero attitude — there’s not a jerky bone in his body. I always say he has a tough exterior but a soft interior and that he never takes himself too seriously. We’re always having fun laughing and joking around. If one of us is in a bad mood, the other will sense it and do whatever it takes to pull that person out of it.

Mike: Carmine is such a genuine, caring person — he is truly one of the greatest people in my life. Throughout all of our time together, there has never been a moment where I don’t want to be around him, and those close to me know I can get easily perturbed by people. I love that Carmine is always open to suggestions. We’re constantly bouncing ideas off of each other, which makes us both better at our jobs.

They Have Tattoos Honoring Their Fathers

Carmine: All of my tattoos have sentimental meaning, but my favorite is a tattoo of a red dragon fly sitting on my forearm that I got as a tribute to my father. About a month after he passed, I was in my backyard and had this visit from a giant red dragon fly, which stayed next to me on a birdbath for hours. I honestly believe it was my father paying me a visit.

Mike: In honor of my dad, on my left hand, I have tattoos of a Los Angeles Dodgers symbol (his favorite baseball team), his birthday numerals and his nickname “Pops.”

They Laugh at Each Other’s Annoying Habits

Carmine: Mike goes to bed too early. I’m a late-night guy, and when I have a question, I can’t text him because he’s always asleep.

Mike: Carmine can never order straight off a menu, he always has modifications and more times than not, his order gets messed up and doesn’t get delivered the right way.

They’re Excited About Their New Homes

Carmine: My family and I just moved into a house we consider our sanctuary after renovating it for 1.5 years. We were able to incorporate everything we’ve ever wanted — including a pool. I’m glad my daughter will get to enjoy the benefits of this house before she heads off to college.

Mike: My family also just wrapped up an extensive remodel. We tore the house down to the studs, both inside and out. I’m so happy we finally get to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

They Love Italian Food

Carmine: You can’t beat breaded chicken parmesan with mozzarella and marinara sauce.

Mike: Margherita pizza all day long!

They Will Always Remember This Compliment

Carmine: I received a message through social media from someone I played football with in high school, with whom I hadn’t spoken to in over 35 years. As a kid, he was always the underdog — teammates would pick on him, and I would stand up for him. In one instance, I was injured when I put myself in harm’s way to defend him. He said he never got the chance to properly thank me for always having his back and shared that my kindness really had an effect on his life. It was a very moving moment and one I won’t soon forget.

Mike: In my younger years, I used to work at a third-generation landscaping business where I was the only non-Hispanic among 100 employees. It wasn’t easy to gain everyone’s approval and trust, but I gave it my best. One day, the owner spoke to his son in Spanish and I asked him to translate. The son replied, “He just said you’re the hardest working man he’s ever seen.” It was a huge compliment and hearing that felt so good and genuine and inspired me to keep giving my all and then some.

They’re Introverts

Carmine: People see me as an open book and super outgoing, but the truth is I love being alone. I’m happiest by myself or with a small group of people.

Mike: I’m also an introvert, which is why I always say Carmine is Batman to my Robin on Inside Out. I could never be the lead, it’s just not who I am.

They Have 3 Things They Can’t Live Without

Carmine: I’d be lost without Brianna’s Asiago Caesar Dressing, the opportunity to travel and my favorite beauty product: Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque. I’ve used it for 20 years and it makes my skin look great.

Mike: Cheese, preferably extra-sharp cheddar; my skull shaver so I can shave my head on a daily basis; and black T-shirts — I can never have enough.

They Love Their TV Shows

Carmine: I’m obsessed with Bridgerton because I’m a sucker for a period time piece. The way they’ve incorporated the set design and costumes — it’s like Disneyland for me.

Mike: Ozark. I love that it keeps you on your toes, and you never know what’s going to happen next.

They Have Guilty Pleasures

Carmine: I love a glass of rosé wine.

Mike: A margarita works every time but so does vanilla bean ice cream over a homemade brownie.

They Have a Favorite Vacation Spot

Carmine: I love the Amalfi Coast, which is somewhat adjacent to where my family is from in Italy. The beauty, energy, food. It’s the best of all worlds.

Mike: I love Italy as well, in particular Portofino. My wife and I visited before the pandemic and our pictures just don’t do it justice. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen and has the best tiramisu.

They Have Some Crazy Hidden Talents

Carmine: I can hide four quarters up each nostril. OK, I learned how to during a drinking game in college and it stuck — literally. But it’s a known fact I can hide $2 up my nose.

Mike: I’m the king of the inner tube. Put me behind a boat and there’s no barrel role I can’t master. You can whip me around and beat me up for dear life, but I’ll always come out on top.

They Can Define Themselves in Three Words

Carmine: I would have to say “one tough cookie. Independently, I would describe myself as fearless, ambitious and driven.

Mike: My three words would include driven, stubborn and, as Carmine likes to describe me, collected — as in calm and collected.

They Play This Song on Repeat

Carmine: Clearest Blue by Chvrches. It’s all about hope and inspiration. It’s my happy song.

Mike: Starting Over by Chris Stapleton. It’s a love song about ups and downs and going through life with “the one” by your side.

They Follow Their Passion

Carmine: I learned at an early age from my mom to not care about what other people think and to do what I love and do it with passion. I was a gypsy when it came to my career, but I always knew I wanted to do something in design.

Mike: I’ve always told myself to just go for it, take that chance and not be afraid of failure. I’ve had a bunch of businesses that failed, but that didn’t stop me from striving. I knew from a young age I wanted to do something that involved nature and plants and work with my hands. I also knew if I followed my passion, I would find success and happiness.

They’re Inspired by the Women in Their Lives

Carmine: I could have the worst day possible and come home flustered and in a bad mood after losing all perspective, and my daughter Gianna, an old soul, will calm me down with the best advice.

Mike: My wife Lizzy is patient and caring and makes me want to be a better person every day. I really look up to her.

They Have Their Favorite HGTV Hosts

Carmine: I can’t get enough of David Bromstad of My Lottery Dream Home. He’s just so funny and authentic, and I love how he’s always himself and doesn’t take things too seriously.

Mike: I just love Brian Kleinschmidt from 100 Day Dream Home. He’s such an amazing, positive guy and so much fun to work with.

They Play on Their Strengths

Carmine: I am a great communicator and have always had the ability to reach every person on their level.

Mike: I have amazing drive. Tell me I can’t do something and I will always prevail. I’m also a great multi-tasker.

Photo by: Erik Voake / Getty Images

Erik Voake / Getty Images

… and Admit Their Weaknesses

Carmine: I don’t know when to say no, and I often take on too much work.

Mike: I don’t ask for enough help — I like to do things myself. Carmine and I are great together because we balance out each other’s weaknesses.

They Splurge (and Save) on Things That Make Them Happy

Carmine: I recently splurged on a 6’ x 3’ Mangelsen photograph for my bedroom called The Color of the Smokies. It’s an ariel view of the smoky mountains. But I also love a good save, and once when I was in an antique store, I found a vintage school scale I thought would look pretty sitting on my kitchen counter. I spent $12 on it and surprisingly, I use it every day.

Mike: I never thought I’d spend [so] much money on a single appliance, but I purchased a panel-ready refrigerator for my new kitchen and love it! I’m also always on the hunt for a good save, and as a neat freak, I was thrilled to find an amazing and inexpensive hose and nozzle that I use every day to wash down my yard.

They Have Their Favorite (and Not so Favorite) Home Trends

Carmine: I completely appreciate smart appliances that are blue tooth operated. Right now, I’m loving the GE Café Series. But there are a few home trends I could do without, including gray wood floors. I’ve seen enough.

Mike: I’ll never tire of using organic materials inside the home. For example, the hood in my kitchen is stucco and gives the room such great texture. If I had to say a trend I’d want to disappear forever, it would be accent walls in loud pops of color.

They Steal Each Other’s Ideas

Carmine: Mike did this great outdoor installation using decomposed granite in a house on our show. I’ve never seen it done so well. I copied it in my own backyard with his help.

Mike: I’ve always been anti-wallpaper, but Carmine’s work has convinced me that wallpaper can be a good thing. Now he’s going to take the lead in wallpapering my formal living room.

Photo by: Erik Voake / Getty Images

Erik Voake / Getty Images

They’ve Figured Out Each Other’s Secret Sauce

Carmine: On the show, Mike will always say something along the lines of, “The climate is so even in Southern California that your outdoor living space becomes an extension of your interior. Why not double your interior space at a fraction of the cost?” to convince homeowners to give him more money. He hits on that hard, because it’s the truth.

Mike: Carmine will always say, “The kitchen is the heart of the home,” and I can’t argue with that.

They Became Emotional When Their Show Was Renewed

Carmine: I screamed and cried like a 13-year-old girl when our show was picked up for a second season. There’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears that go into this show and finding out we were renewed was confirmation of our effort.

Mike: We found out the news over a Zoom call. I was emotional about it for sure, but I only teared up after seeing Carmine’s reaction. It felt good to have all our hard work pay off.

They’d Love to See a Spinoff of Their Show

Carmine: I’d love to film all around the United States: Inside Out Atlanta, Inside Out Charleston, Inside Out Austin.

Mike: Or around the world. Imagine: Inside Out Portofino.

Inside Out returns to HGTV Monday Aug. 1 at 8/7c. Keep up with Carmine and Mike on Instagram at @realdesigncarmine and @mikepyledesign.

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