House Hunters Off the Grid: 20 Homes We Love Way Off the Beaten Path

From an isolated modern abode in Iceland to a private island in Belize, these remote homes have us seriously considering leaving our hectic lives behind. Take a look at these unconventional houses and see if you could survive going off the grid. WiFi not guaranteed. 

By: Kathleen Rellihan

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A Modern Desert Oasis

A retreat into the depths of the Nevada desert doesn’t mean you’ll need to sacrifice on style. This isolated Death Valley vacation rental, just 20 miles off the Death Valley National Park border, blends sleek modern interiors with floor-to-ceiling views of the surrounding rugged landscape.  

Seaside Silence in Iceland

On the Iceland House Hunters Off the Grid episode, an Icelander dreams of pastoral life beyond the busy capital Reykjavik. This remote waterfront house isn’t easy to get to, but shouldn’t snow-capped peaks and seaside views out your front door count for something?

Isolate Yourself in Iceland

Enjoy the solitude and beauty of northern Iceland's unearthly landscapes at this uber-modern Airbnb. Who needs Netflix when you can scan for the aurora borealis or stay up late to watch the midnight sun from this architectural gem.  

Check out the Iceland House Hunters Off the Grid episode for more isolated Iceland inspriration.

A Private Island Paradise

Get away from the hectic pace of modern day life with an escape to this 1.5 acre private island in Belize. This custom-built island compound on Little Harvest Caye includes 5 private suites, onsite staff, including your own boat and driver, not that you’ll have any reason or desire to leave this private paradise.

Secluded Adobe Desert Digs

The only traffic you’ll see out here in California's Joshua Tree Highlands is the wildlife – coyotes, bobcats, quail -- running by your windows. This secluded adobe house is fully renovated with modern fixtures and appliances, and even offers and outdoor bathtub without prying neighbors eyes, unless you count the jack rabbits. 

Eagle Island Sanctuary

Get away from the noise of modern day life on Eagle Island, a 10-acre island perch on Georgia’s barrier islands. This private island hideaway has a 1500-square-foot wraparound screened porch complete with a hot tub and outdoor fireplace. True to its name, the island has an active bald eagle nest. 

Your Own Island in Belize

Your own private island? Belize it: you can Airbnb it. Book the entire Bird Island, a small isle 20 minutes outside of Placencia, Belize, that’s surrounded by unspoiled coral reef. Enjoy complete privacy and snorkeling, kayaking, and fishing right outside your front door. 

Off-Grid Living in California

Powered by solar panels, this remote desert Airbnb near the Joshua Tree National Park is 100% off-grid. Whether you are a design or green enthusiast, or just want to hide-out in the desert, you’ll be able to appreciate the spectacular nature show out your floor-to-ceiling windows. There's no TV or WiFi to distract you from taking in the breathtaking desert light.

Stay in Shangri-La

On the Bhutan House Hunters Off the Grid episode, a globe-trotting family heads to the hills in the Himalayas for a new adventure. Water and electricity might be erratic in Bhutan, but with this Buddhist country’s “Gross National Happiness” that values wellbeing over economic growth, peace and serenity won’t be too hard to find in this Shangri-La.

Life in the Jungle

On the Costa Rica House Hunters Off the Grid episode, an adventurous British couple seeks to fulfil their childhood dreams of living in a treehouse. They set their sights on Finca Bellavista, a residential treehouse community that offers an eco-conscious, communal way of life in the remote Costa Rican jungle.

Arctic Circle Extremes in Norway

In the Norway House Hunters Off the Grid episode, an Australian expat heads north—way north, 700 miles from the North Pole—to pursue a dogsledding job and a new relationship. Living remotely in the extremes of the Arctic Circle might be not be easy, but it off-the-grid living in Svalbard has its unique rewards—the midnight sun never sets here in the summer. 

Seaside Hideaway in Croatia

In need of some privacy? Write the novel you never finished or just sit in silence on the beach at this oceanfront hideway in Croatia. Located on a remote stretch on the coveted Dalmatia Coast, this 100-year-old traditional stone house includes a private pool and sunbathing terrace. 

Beyond the Power Lines in British Columbia

On the Haida Gwaii Canada House Hunters Off the Grid episode, a couple forgoes city conveniences for remote living in the “Canadian Galapagos”, an archipelago of islands off British Columbia’s North Coast with a total population of around 4,000. This cozy cabin is the definition of “off the grid” with wood stove heating, solar panels, and an outhouse. 

Treehouse Retreat in the Rainforest

It doesn't get more “off the grid” than spending a night in the rainforest near an active volcano. With views of the erupting Kilauea volcano just a five minute drive away, this treehouse on the island of Hawaii, complete with an outdoor shower and hot tub, is a nature lover’s dream. 

Eco-Friendly Island in the Florida Keys

Go off the grid in luxury with this private Melody Key in the Florida Keys. This solar-powered 3-acre island offers 3 bedroom suites with their own private balconies. Or watch the sunset on the rooftop observation deck with 360-degree views of paradise. 

An Artists’ Retreat in Morocco

How far will you go for creativity’s sake? On the Morocco House Hunters Off the Grid episode, an Aussie art director looks for an off-the-grid compound to open her own artists’ retreat in the remote parts of the desert. Life in the Sahara desert can be rough, but finding a space with an intimate courtyard with plants could give this artist a new life. 

Screen-free Desert Sunsets

In the spirit of the Morocco House Hunters Off the Grid episode, this desert retreat Airbnb in the Berber countryside offers a break from modern distractions and technology so you can absorb the peace and light of the desert uninterrupted. 

Private Island in Canadian Wilderness

This private island rental is only 2.5 hours from Toronto, but feels like its deep in the remote Canadian wilderness. Located on a protected bay surrounded by the Massasauga Provincial Park, Deepwater Island offers a well-appointed cottage with almost an acre of seculded privacy and breathtaking 360-degree water-meets-forest views. 

Unplugging in the Philippines

On the Tablas Island House Hunters Off the Grid episode, a military veteran and his family search for a more unplugged life in the Philippines. There’s not a lot of technology on this remote island -- and no shopping centers or theatres -- but the family looks forward to farming their land and getting back to basics. Back to basics, with a pool, that is.

Private Cabin Out West

Savor the rugged beauty of the wild west at this remote and rustic A-frame cabin rental in southern Utah. The wraparound deck offers uninterrupted meadow-meets-mountain views. Cell service might be spotty, but the sky here is clear of light population -- perfect for stargazing. 

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