Eclectic Exteriors From HGTV's House Hunters International

How a home looks on the outside can be just as important as the inside. HGTV's House Hunters International follows homeowners around the world in search of the perfect home — both inside and out –– for a perfect price.
By: Jennifer Brake

Los Cabos, Mexico

This Mexican abode gives a modern twist to traditional Pueblo architecture with its flat roof and protruding roof beams that rest over a sleek glass balcony.

Freshwater, Australia

Constructed with solid timber, this older home is surrounded by greenery as it sits right in the middle of the Australian rainforest.

Loughborough, England

This quaint brick home has plenty of English charm. The arches over the doorway are reminiscent of Romanesque/Norman architecture, and the two large bay windows are a big selling point for this house.

Milan, Italy

This classic Italian apartment building sports orange-on-orange brick and balconies made for only one or two people at a time.

Brisbane, Australia

This glass-front apartment building on the Gold Coast of Australia is a contemporary high-rise with resort-style living amenities, like pool access and walking distance to the beach.

Paris, France

This apartment building exhibits classic Parisian style with its decorative cornices, intimate balconies on every floor and horizontal lines that continue over in the buildings next to it.

Granada, Nicaragua

Although the yard may need a little work, the exposed stones on this home's facade add a unique, natural touch, allowing the house to better blend into the landscape.

Glasgow, Scotland

Once a 19th-century church, this building has been converted into several flats with a community atrium in the center.

Daintree, Australia

Who needs dry land to be at home? This 40-foot-long vessel sleeps seven, offering enough space for the homeowners to have guests.

Busan, South Korea

In a trendy district of Busan, this modern high-rise gives residents amazing views of the city and the marina below.

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

This structure is known as "the treehouse" because of its placement on high stilts and all-natural wood construction.

Bern, Switzerland

This large Swiss estate is simple but charming and comes with a little history attached to it because it is the former home of famous author and Nobel Prize winner Hermann Hesse.

La Baule, France

A more modern side of French architecture, this house is located on the outskirts of a pine forest, making the yard quiet and safe.

Frankfurt, Germany

This tall apartment building has authentic German features that have been updated to a more contemporary style.

Pattaya, Thailand

This modern white house is more Western than traditional homes in Thailand. Equipped with a pool, large yard and rooftop garden, it's well suited for parties as well as everyday living.

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