How Dave and Jenny Marrs Turn Fixer-Uppers Into Fabulous Homes

In Fixer to Fabulous, Dave and Jenny Marrs focus on restoring historic homes in their neighborhood of Bentonville, Arkansas. From dilapidated front porches to squirrel invaded attics, there’s nothing this husband and wife team can’t make fabulous!

November 26, 2019

Meet Dave and Jenny Marrs

If you’ve been watching Fixer to Fabulous, then you already know that Dave and Jenny Marrs are a husband and wife team who renovate homes in Bentonville, Arkansas. Many of the houses they touch are historic and full of surprises — but it's nothing the Marrs duo can't handle! Click through the gallery to see some of their amazing work from this season and don't miss new episodes of Fixer to Fabulous on Tuesdays at 9|8c.

The Newberry House: Before

After living in Uganda for four years, the Newberry family returned to their hometown and purchased this 2-bed, 1-bath home for $135,000. Though the shape was great, the bright yellow trim, double front doors and concrete stairs took away from the overall charm of the house.

The Newberry Home: After

The homeowners’ favorite thing about the original house was the porch, so the first thing on Jenny and Dave’s to-do list was to restore it. Aside from the porch, they also replaced the two front doors with windows and created a centrally located entrance instead. The brand-new roof, fence and landscaping give this 1893 colonial the curb appeal it deserves.


The new upstairs office space really needed some natural light, so Jenny had Dave add a cute window to the gable. It’s never good to surprise someone while they’re working on a roof, but thankfully Dave didn’t get too scared when Jenny popped up to say hello.

Living Room: Before

The previous homeowners had attempted to get the reno ball rolling, hence the condition of the walls. Fresh paint, new floors and opening up the space were on Dave and Jenny’s to-do list in the living room.

Living Room: After

Though the fireplace wasn’t salvageable, its mantel certainly was. Dave and Jenny refurbished the original mantel and incorporated it into the living room design. Because the mantel is adhered to a shiplap feature wall with a bump out, it becomes an eye-catching centerpiece in the room.

Kitchen: After

To save money in the kitchen, Dave and Jenny left the layout of the plumbing and electric as is. However, not much else stayed the same. Where there was once carpeting, there’s now beautifully refurbished 100-year-old wood flooring. New appliances, granite countertops, a tumbled marble backsplash and open shelving create a beautiful, transitional kitchen.

Bedroom: After

One of the challenges in this bedroom was to make the space work for two kids. The best way to do so was by building custom furniture. Dave built these loft beds which feature doors below that open to reveal a hidden play area that doubles as storage.

The Walker House: Before

Sarah Walker purchased this 1905 Victorian home in downtown Bentonville for $220,000. Sarah joked the house looked condemned, but its drab exterior wasn’t the only thing wrong with the home. Exterior holes in the roof allowed squirrels easy access to the attic, and shoddy work by previous contractors created an unsafe environment.

The Walker House: After

While working on the home’s exterior, Dave uncovered 100-year-old wood siding. He also repaired the holes where squirrels were getting in and refreshed all the beautiful detail work. Jenny had Dave add a custom gable for a little extra touch. And finally, a fresh coat of navy paint brought the house back to life.

Squirrel Xing

The homeowner may have had a squirrel issue in her house, but that didn’t stop her from feeding them! Here Dave and Jenny pose with a unicorn-shaped squirrel feeder.

The Porch: Before

The original porch was falling apart. The railing and steps were rotted, and the wood was unsealed and untreated. Sarah and her dog Kira weren’t using the space very much due to its poor condition.

The Porch: After

Taking into consideration that Sarah is a world traveler and lover of yoga, Jenny wanted to bring a bit of Zen to Sarah’s back porch. Before she could do that though, Dave had to treat, resurface and pressure wash the deck. Not only that, but he raised the ceiling for a more open feel.

The Kitchen: Before

Sarah didn’t like much about her original kitchen — specifically, the cabinets, the counters and most of all, the floor. The ceilings were so slow that a poorly placed ceiling fan would make contact with the back door every time it was opened.

The Kitchen: After

Once the kitchen was completely gutted and the ceiling was raised, Jenny was able to create a modern kitchen space for Sarah. White open shelving contrasts beautifully with hunter green cabinets and gold hardware. The ceramic tile flooring adds another bold element and the refurbished vintage drafting table acts as the perfect island.

The Neal House: Before

The 1910 Dutch Colonial was seriously lacking curb appeal. A pop of color and a new walkway were two of the Marrs' priorities.

The Neal House: After

A few aesthetic changes like raw cedar shake, antique brick, a pop of color and fresh landscaping created a whole new look for the Neals' newly renovated home. The custom portico built by Chase added even more curb appeal and dimension to the house.

The Kitchen: Before

The Neals' original kitchen was very closed off and a little too snug. It was so narrow that the fridge door and oven door couldn’t be open at the same time without colliding with each other.

The Kitchen: After

The new eat-in kitchen features slab cabinet doors for a sleek, modern look. The white uppers keep things bright, while the wood lowers coordinate with the floor and island. To tie it all together, Jenny chose a solid white quartz countertop.

Demo Day

In order to create a bigger kitchen, the homeowners had to say goodbye to a powder bathroom and kids’ play area. In this photo, Dave and Jenny take a break from demo for a little playfighting — they're in a playroom after all!

The Playroom: After

As a mom, Jenny felt guilty taking away the play area to create a larger kitchen. However, she found a small closet under unused stairs that she and Dave turned into a new play area. The best part? The kids can access their new playroom via a mini Dutch door right off the kitchen!

The Master Bedroom: Before

The homeowners had several issues with their master suite, including the carpeting and outdated fireplace. The room also lacked personality.

The Master Bedroom: After

The master suite received a fresh coat of paint and brand-new oak floors to tie the space in with the rest of the house. The homeowners really wanted a tropical wallpaper, so Jenny and a local artist created a custom accent wall with tropical greenery.

The Atrium: After

Previously, there wasn't an easy way to access this cute little space. To fix that, Dave replaced the windows with a new sliding door and removed a bunch of overgrown shrubbery. This made room for a brick patio complete with some outdoor seating and a custom pergola for shade.

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