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How Dave and Jenny Marrs Turn Fixer-Uppers Into Fabulous Homes

November 26, 2019

In Fixer to Fabulous, Dave and Jenny Marrs focus on restoring historic homes in their neighborhood of Bentonville, Arkansas. From dilapidated front porches to squirrel invaded attics, there’s nothing this husband and wife team can’t make fabulous!

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From: Fixer to Fabulous

Meet Dave and Jenny Marrs

If you’ve been watching Fixer to Fabulous, then you already know that Dave and Jenny Marrs are a husband and wife team who renovate homes in Bentonville, Arkansas. Many of the houses they touch are historic and full of surprises — but it's nothing the Marrs duo can't handle! Click through the gallery to see some of their amazing work from this season and don't miss new episodes of Fixer to Fabulous on Tuesdays at 9|8c.

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The Newberry House: Before

After living in Uganda for four years, the Newberry family returned to their hometown and purchased this 2-bed, 1-bath home for $135,000. Though the shape was great, the bright yellow trim, double front doors and concrete stairs took away from the overall charm of the house.

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From: Fixer to Fabulous

The Newberry Home: After

The homeowners’ favorite thing about the original house was the porch, so the first thing on Jenny and Dave’s to-do list was to restore it. Aside from the porch, they also replaced the two front doors with windows and created a centrally located entrance instead. The brand-new roof, fence and landscaping give this 1893 colonial the curb appeal it deserves.

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The new upstairs office space really needed some natural light, so Jenny had Dave add a cute window to the gable. It’s never good to surprise someone while they’re working on a roof, but thankfully Dave didn’t get too scared when Jenny popped up to say hello.

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