Modern Kitchen Renovation With Touches of Boho Charm

Christina Anstead gives this once-bland kitchen a major refresh with bright white cabinets and a backsplash full of pattern. Plus, she makes over a nursery for these first-time parents-to-be.

Photo By: Erik Voake/Getty Images

Photo By: Erik Voake/Getty Images

Photo By: Erik Voake/Getty Images

Fit to be Designed

Stevie and Matt are personal trainers, who work out with Christina and Ant Anstead. Pregnant with their first baby, the couple wants a quick kitchen remodel so they'll have plenty of time to nest before the due date.

Before: Too Typical

When the couple describes their ideal kitchen, Stevie wants a space that leans into boho style, including lots of color, textures and pattern. Matt, on the other hand, has visions of white and stainless steel. Christina sets out to combine the two styles in a room they'll both love.

After: Full of Character

The once-empty area in the center was calling out for an island, which Christina gladly incorporates. Now, with seating for four around the island, the space feels more family focused. White Shaker cabinets pair with cool gray countertops and sleek black pulls for a fresh, modernized look.

Before: Floor Plan Mishap

The biggest layout problem of the kitchen is when someone opens the refrigerator door, the pantry is blocked, as well as anyone in it.

After: Simple yet Clever Solution

To solve the layout issue, Christina shifts the refrigerator over so that it doesn't cut off the pantry. The traditional door is also replaced with a space-saving sliding barn door that delivers a note of rustic appeal.

Before: Plain + Uninspiring

Though their kitchen is mostly functional, they want a space that's more family-friendly, updated and fits their styles. They also want to embrace the ample amount of natural light their kitchen already gets.

After: Study in Contrast

The new bright and airy color scheme boosts the natural light pouring in from the windows. Black hardware and fixtures, as well as the geometric pendants, establish a striking juxtaposition against the brilliant white palette.

Before: Uninspiring Tile

Though once a trendy favorite, the glass tile backsplash is in need of an update.

After: Noteworthy Backsplash

To bring in Stevie's love of pattern without overloading Matt's need for neutrality, Christina find this boho-inspired tile for the kitchen backsplash. Natural wood and woven accents bring texture and warmth to the cool palette.

Before: Everyday Flooring

Engineered flooring is a low-cost and durable solution for so many spaces, but Christina has a different vision for this kitchen.

After: A Twist on the Ordinary

A matte floor tile is laid in a diamond pattern for a modern touch, flowing from the kitchen to the dining area, but still works well with the transition to the wood floors in the living room.

Before: Ho-Hum Dining

The kitchen opens up to the dining room so the flooring and design choices will need to continue into this space. Matt wants to keep a ceiling fan in the room, but Christina and Stevie are lobbying for an eye-catching chandelier.

After: Completely Inviting

So long, builder beige. The fresh coat of white paint immediately takes the room from dull to brilliant. The diamond-laid floor tile elevates the style underfoot. As a surprise for Stevie, Matt works with Christina to get a chic chandelier over the dining table. The light fixture mimics the look of the geometric pendants over the island, further tying the two spaces together.

Maxed-Out Storage

To make room for the island in the kitchen, a wall of cabinetry was removed, so Christina integrates new cabinets in the dining area. The same cabinets, countertops and pulls from the kitchen are used to create a seamless flow. Floating shelves add a personal touch that reflects a boho vibe.

Before: Prepping for a Nursery

All the built-ins of this room bring in tons of storage — an essential in any nursery. Stevie loved the reclaimed wall Christina did for her son, Brayden, and is hoping she'll recreate it in this space.

After: Cuddly Sleeping Quarters

The former beadboard wall is now outfitted in rustic reclaimed wood, bringing delightful warmth to the white room. A small shelf adds handy storage for late-night diaper changes and display space for beloved stuffed animals. The nook proves to be the perfect spot to house the crib.

Before: A Blank Slate

The empty room is ready for the nesting to start. Matt and Stevie are relying on veteran mom Christina to help them create a space to welcome their little one.

After: Comfy + Relaxed Abode

Layers of textiles and rugs instantly fill this space with a cozy, lived-in aesthetic. Another surprise for Stevie — Christina added an ultra-cushy glider for rocking her sweet newborn to sleep.

Before: Bare Potential

In addition to the built-ins on the crib wall, there's a corner built-in with both open and hidden storage that will be put to good use.

After: Highlighted in Texture

Baskets are placed in the open shelving of the built-ins to create organized storage, while pictures and delicate figurines personalize the room. The woven wall hanging generates tactile appeal and pulls in boho design elements Christina used in the dining room.

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