How to Renovate a Home, Boise Boys-Style

Boise Boys defined: Clean lines, vaulted ceilings and locally-crafted custom pieces. Prepare to swoon.

Photo By: Todd Meier

Photo By: Todd Meier

Love Mid-Century Modern

Clean lines, functionality and an overall cool aesthetic — if this were a gym class, Luke would pick mid-century modern every time. (You’ll be seeing quite a few this season, *wink wink*.)

Vault Those Ceilings

A pricey upgrade, but worth it to make a home feel more open.

Open Up the Kitchen

Open, airy spaces are key to the Boise Boys aesthetic. Bring the kitchen into the living space by knocking down the separating walls, and your dinner parties will be better for it.

Accentuate the View

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Not everyone in Boise has this incredible view, so Luke and Clint made sure to show it off. It’s worth the home’s (almost) million-dollar price tag, that’s for sure.

Black and White Features

Luke likes to incorporate black and white features throughout each home. And we've fallen head-over-heels for his herringbone tile bathroom design.

Add Warmth With Wood

As a contrast to the black and white, Luke and Clint bring warmth back in by using timber, most of which is homegrown in Idaho. But the wood isn’t limited to flooring or features, of course. (Hint: look up!)

Accent Walls are Key

The master bedroom is a great place to make a statement. In this master, Luke added a pop of navy, which matched the exterior paint color. Throw in gorgeous houseplants and you have an inviting sanctuary to relax and catch some zzz’s.

Local Pieces Fill the Home

Luke and Clint frequently work with local craftspeople on unique pieces for their renovations. The two hired a woodworker to create this live-edge headboard made from Idaho black walnut.

Custom Light Fixtures Add Character

Luke and Clint's light fixture choices are anything but builder basic. In their renovations, they include custom light fixtures, like the hand-blown glass pendant lights here.

Fireplace = Focal Point

During the winter months in Boise, nothing feels better than cozying up next to a warm fireplace, as long as it’s not pink, outdated or potentially dangerous.

Updating the fireplace — even with just a fresh coat of paint — boosts the *chill* factor of any living space.

Bathroom Fit for a Queen

Get yourself a bathroom that can do both (clean your body AND feel like a spa.) Even if you’re short on square footage, there’s always room for a deep-soak tub, double sinks and a walk-in shower, right?

Add Square Footage Where You Can

If there’s potential to add on a second story (like in the home above) or extend the living space outdoors by building a deck, Luke and Clint will make it happen. What was once an unused attic is now a complete second floor, with two bedrooms and a full bathroom. (The extra storage at the end of the hall is also a major bonus!)

Curb Appeal Draws in the Homeowners

The exterior is what gets future homeowners through the front door which means in order to sell a home, you need killer curb appeal.

Luke and Clint upgraded this Craftsman-style home with cedar shakes, a fresh coat of paint and an inviting front door to make it stand out from the other homes on the block.

Staging is Essential

Sure, the overall look is important, but really, it’s all in the details. Rustic accents add a homey touch that helps potential buyers picture themselves in the space.

The Crown Jewel of Boise

If you work with Luke and Clint, you know you’re getting a home that is truly an original. (And we’ll take the mid-century modern home with the view, thanks.)

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