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HGTV Star contestant Jeribai Tascoe posing for the camera.

HGTV Star Contestant Jeribai Tascoe

Each HGTV Star team had access to a professional painter, but Jeribai opted to create the apartment's wall stripes on his own. But, would the rest of the design suffer as a result? Anne wasn't so sure.

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Ann Summa/Getty Images

Being creative is a natural expression for Jeribai. As a designer Jeribai brings a wealth of experience and expertise to every project he works on. He started computer aided drawing at the age of 14 and by 17 was proficiently using a computer and software to produce professional commercial artwork. He began studying architecture in his first year of college, but left school to start a graphic and web design business. The design business slowly grew and in-between jobs Jeribai worked in other fields which have all contributed to his proficiencies and professionalism.

Through years of working in construction and personal training, Jeribai maintained design clients from around the nation. His talents were noticed by a boutique marketing firm and they hired him as their art director. After this he moved to a fantastic personal and business development company where he served as a creative director.

Jeribai’s passion for design, hunger to learn and strong work ethic has propelled him into an incredible design career. He has worked with an array of companies and individuals to bring creative ideas to life and then to market. Adding to the list of creative abilities is designing for interiors. Jeribai invests in real estate and loves working on his properties to make the spaces special. His creative journey has come full circle and he is now back working in home design, creating beautiful spaces for people to experience.

Jeribai lives in northern California with his wife and their two vivacious little boys.


Jeribai has passionate and successful clients worldwide. His clients love what they do and he loves to make them look good. From entertainment to extreme sports, music to medicine, he has worked with a diverse range of brands, personalities and business models. A few of the individuals and companies he’s had the pleasure to work with are:

HGTV, Nike Swim, Yamaha Motor, Ageia Technologies, Ironstone Vineyards, Flutist Sara Andon, Call To Freedom, Author & Trainer Dani Johnson, Music Artist Isa Couvertier, Music Artist Nina Landis, Bear Valley Ski Resort, RedOctane(Activision), Composer Joseph Curiale, Composer Shawn Clement of Clemistry Music, Phantom Entertainment, Sparks Communications, Fabra USA Manufacturing, TechWear USA, UV Skinz and Dutton Football.

Jeribai Tascoe

Jeribai Tascoe

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