Formed in 2011, Reimagine Designs is a young and trendy interior design company that provides interior design services focused on functionaesthetics, and emotion. At Reimagine, we believe people and spaces should be intimately connected. We understand the complex relationship between people and spaces – we’re about making that relationship work for you.

Because everyone has different wants and needs when it comes to interior spaces, we thrive on uniqueness; incorporating our love for architecture, engineering, and brilliant product design. This is also why DIY projects are near and dear to us, as we find rewarding the uniqueness of homegrown projects and artifacts. We also stand for the economics of interior spaces – saving you money is a crucial part of our mandate, and we love being able to realize those savings for you.

Being fortunate to have worked on several spaces for our customers and sharing them here, we hope that this site serves as a source of creative inspiration for you to rethink your space(s), and we look forward to the opportunity of making you realize this vision.

Mallory Lennon

Founder, Intern Interior Designer

Mallory loves to challenge the status quo – she thrives on individuality and the art of uniqueness. This philosophy is observed in her work and her approach to each new project thrown her way. Her passion, not only for interior design, but also architecture, art, product design and engineering, is a testament to her work ethic, which allows her to create unmistakably Reimagined spaces.

Reimagine Design

Reimagine Design

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