I started Lindsey Runyon Design 10 years ago with a desire to make functional spaces that are also stunning to look at. To me it is an honor and a privilege to create interiors that people experience on a deep level, where life and work happens. I also consider interior design to be a profound responsibility as our clients engage with these environments every day, which greatly affects their lives. Each room we produce is entirely unique and my primary goal is to reflect our clients’ desires, requirements, and personalities in the design. I thrive on blending form and function while still being able to adapt to practical challenges. I not only love meeting our clients’ needs, but I aim to offer them an enjoyable experience throughout the process of working together. I am truly passionate about seeing a project go from idea to tangible reality and I look forward to creating beautiful spaces for you.

Interior design has been a lifelong pursuit. I was raised in the Seattle area as the daughter of an architect which introduced me to the industry at an early age. I then went on to earn my interior design degree at Washington State University. My professional experience has taken me from visual display & merchandising, to commercial & residential interior design. This variety has given me the opportunity to both work hands-on with products to create pleasing arrangements, and to learn the technical aspects of a multifaceted industry.

I find inspiration through traveling and I am particularly interested in the different cultures and languages of the Mediterranean. I share what I have learned through my experience and travels with every client and encourage them to discover what they’re enthusiastic about too.

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