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Cramped and Cluttered Home Receives a Contemporary and Inviting Remodel

With a cramped floor plan and next to no storage, the home before the remodel was begging for help. Now, the home features a large open plan kitchen, eye-catching colors and contemporary furnishings that combine to create a lived-in masterpiece.

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Blue and White Chef Kitchen With Skylights

There is only one bank of upper cabinets in this beautiful chef kitchen. The rest of the walls are filled with windows or airy open shelving, a move that adds to the room's spacious feel.

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Before: Living Room

Playroom, music room, bar...the living room served a jumble of purposes with no clearly defined style.

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Transitional Chef Kitchen With Sloped Ceiling

Leafy green views are as much a part of this airy kitchen's decor as its artwork, tastefully mixed in with cookbooks and other supplies on the open shelves.

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Before: Dining Room

Clutter was everywhere in the dining area where there was next to no storage.

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