gamble + Design’s designs are revered for their clean, modern lines, attention to light, color and texture and distinct details inspired by the character of a space and it’s surroundings. With a passion for the process of distilling a client’s vision into rooms that are a direct reflection of their tastes and lifestyles, the resulting spaces are not only beautiful to look at, but wonderful to live in.

About the woman behind the firm

Jeni Gamble’s degree in interior architecture has been built upon by working with local architects, lighting designers and furniture manufacturers. Clients are provided with the tools to allow them to visualize the entirety of a project and are easily used by contributing consultants. She excels at creatively collaborating with a project’s entire team — contractor, furniture maker, and artisan craftspeople — while also doing production supervision, and quality control. She has the unique ability to envision and manage a project while working closely with clients and keeping the design process running smoothly.

Having personally suffered purchasing a property filled with inappropriate fixtures, windows that cannot be cleaned or opened, and counter tops eventually compromised by her toddler’s brilliant high concept art projects and meals involving tomatoes and lemons, Jeni understands the unique challenges faced by homeowners. Jeni brings not just an eye for design to her work but a mind focused on utility and longevity.

Gamble + Design

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