A lot of friends and clients ask how we formed our business. It all started when we were working for the same design house, and loved working together. We would daydream from time to time about owning our own studio, but always put it to the back burner. Finally, in 2010, we opened the doors to J & J Design Group and haven’t looked back since! Our company has taken us to so many wonderful places and it just keeps getting better and better.


Design isn't just a job for me; it is a way of life. I am not afraid to take design risks, and I think it is important to push the limits to achieve something beautiful and surprising. I love bright, vibrant colors, and creating unique things. When I can’t find exactly the piece of art or furniture I am looking for, I find a way to make it myself, or have it made to match my vision.

My personal passion lies in designing children’s spaces, because there are fewer limits. Bold colors in a nursery invite play and whimsy, and inspire creativity in older children’s rooms. My interest kicked into high gear after I had my own little ones. I wasn't working when I was pregnant with my daughter, Marin, and it was my only creative outlet. If I am not involved in doing something creative, I go crazy!

I grew up in a small town in Ohio, and moved to Arizona to pursue my design degree at Northern Arizona University. I took every art class available in high school and college – painting, pottery, stained glass making, sculpture and photography. I have tried it all! When I was younger, I would beg my mom to take me to the craft store. I would wander the aisles, touching the fabrics, reams of colorful papers and baubles, and dream of the endless projects I could create. In fifth grade, I made little television broaches my mom sold at the public television station where she worked; the most rewarding thing was seeing her friends wearing them!


If done right, I believe all styles of design are beautiful. Design isn't just about pretty things – it's about really listening to your clients and interpreting their words into a look that is all their own. I love layered, organic design – starting the room with classic moulding, rustic beams, a beautiful fireplace mantel – and building the rest of the room from there. It is like a puzzle, fitting the pieces together in a way that is unique and beautiful to each space. No matter the style or size of the project, it should reflect the client, and be comfortable and cozy. 

Design has inspired me from an early age. Whether it was drawing up the space plan I’d like to see for my bedroom or constantly re-arranging my furniture, design felt like a wonderful escape for me. I graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in interior design, and it was here that I first discovered a passion for using natural elements in my designs, balanced by more contemporary pieces. Mixing genres keeps design interesting, and tells a story.

When I’m not searching for the perfect lamp shade or scouring Pinterest for ideas, you can find me with my family in Arcadia, working in the garden or sitting on the front porch with my husband, watching our boys play and visiting with the neighbors. Other passions include photography, running and traveling. I love the simple things in life, and continue to feel very thankful that I can spend my days living my dream.

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