Born and raised in the South where buildings have a rich history and families are deeply rooted in their place, the idea of a structure as a living, breathing space was established early for Beth.

After earning a degree from the University of Colorado, Beth embraced a longing to nest and purchased her first house. It was in transforming this older home, learning to respect the old while integrating the new, that a love affair with interior design was born.

Creativity ensued in more than a decade of a concept to finish greeting card company as well as following a dream of writing and illustrating a children’s book. Meanwhile the passion for shelters lived on. So much so, that Beth relocated several times, remodeling extensively, for the sheer joy of turning house into home.

Eventually landing in Santa Barbara, CA and desiring to create sanctuaries for others, she furthered her knowledge of the field and graduated from The Interior Design Institute. Beth Dana Design was born to share the gift of breathing life into your home. She creates soulful spaces that combine beauty, comfort, and functionality, as well as a feast for the senses.­­

About Beth Dana Design:

Home is more than shelter. Home is sanctuary, a place to retreat from the outside world.

Beth Dana Design has a passion for creating spaces that are aesthetically beautiful and soulfully nurturing. No matter what the project or budget size, we create everyday living in spaces that also calm, inspire, and uplift the spirit.

Whether it be new construction, remodels, or refining an existing space, Beth Dana Design works collaboratively with industry professionals who share a vision to make your home as fulfilling in looks as it is to your living.

Beth Dana

Beth Dana

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