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Designer Andres Charalambous helps a Washington, D.C., penthouse apartment reach its full potential with a gorgeous open floor plan and custom modern details.
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Wide Open Spaces

In order to open up the space and let more natural light in, Andreas opted to remove impeding doors and walls. Custom cabinetry was added throughout the living room, kitchen and study area to unify the space and make it more functional.

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View From Above

The bedroom area is open to the atrium, sharing the light and allowing for views out in all directions. The stone backdrop to the bed unites the finishes with the other stone accents throughout the apartment.

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Light and Airy

The kitchen and dining areas open up to the living room, allowing the views and light throughout to be shared.

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Hardly Working

The modern, open feel throughout the space continues in the home office, which has plenty of light and views of the city.

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