Patio Plants

From perenials to annuals, get tips for picking the perfect plant to soften the design of your patio.
By: Virginia Switzer

Photo By: Aad van Haaster

Photo By: Rob Cardillo Photography

Photo By: Rob Cardillo Photography

Photo By: Rob Cardillo Photography

Pop Art Red and Yellow Zinnia

Bright and beautiful, these flowers cheer up any outdoor space. This variety needs annual sun and works well as container plants. Photo courtesy of

Salmon Splash

This low-maintenance flower adds a splash of salmon to a bed of flowers in a shady spot. Mix and match with other flowers for a pleasing design. Photo courtesy of

Lacey Blue Perovskia Russian Sage

Not only does sage smell delightful, it's a great option for planting around your patio. It's a tall flower that's easy to grow and plays well with other plants. Photo courtesy of

Lofty Lady Marigold

Add a delightful touch to your breakfast table, with vibrant marigolds. This variety gets it name from it's towering height and enormous blooms. Photo courtesy of

Shock Wave Coral Crush Hybrid Petunie

A beautiful container and window box option, this petunie variety is easy to grow and pleasing to the eye. Photo courtesy of

Moonbeam Coreopies

Cheer up your boring patio with pops of yellow. This vibrant flower blooms in the summer and fall and attracts butterflies. Photo courtesy of

Dark Mocca Pink Begonia

Dark foliage and bright pink blooms make this plant a show stopping focal point. Containers and urns are great options for growing. Photo courtesy of

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