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Money-Saving Hardscaping Ideas

October 28, 2019

What does your landscape need? You may be able to create what's missing out of what you already have.

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New Life for a Concrete Slab

This former carport was transformed into a colorful outdoor living room without a trip to the landfill, says designer Stephanie Bartron. The existing concrete slab was sliced into strips, then stacked to form a corner bench and raised koi pond. Planting beds fill the holes in the new hardscape.

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Repurposed Playhouse

This utilitarian garden shed came by its whimsical look honestly: It used to be a playhouse. The conversion occurred after the child left for college. Designed by Robin LaMonte

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Add Color

A window box full of colorful flowers will brighten up even the dreariest spaces.

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Fairy-Themed Container Garden

This Tinkerbell paradise puts on a gorgeous display all a while being tucked away in an alluring rock garden. Dress up a container garden with fun fairy decorations.

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