Meditation Garden Retreats

Breathe in, breathe out and experience the beauty of nature in these tranquil retreats.

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Photo By: Sommer Armstrong

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Create a Garden Sanctuary

This vignette was designed to inspire and encourage reflection. A brick path draws the eye toward the abstract, mirrored sculpture that reflects light and creates the illusion that the pillars are also decorated with the flowers.

Beautiful, Tranquil Garden

Stone foot paths and bridges weave in and out of the garden, creating a walk of tranquility with the sounds of the stream.

Eastern View

Place a bench or hammock facing east for sunrise meditation and contemplation.

Just Add Water

Landscape designer Chad Robert surrounds this modern water feature with black river rock and blooming plants to promote feelings of harmony and calm.

Tranquil Garden With Fountain

White tulips encircle stone pavers and a fountain, creating a peaceful pathway through this garden.
From: DK Design

Make a Pond-in-a-Pot

If you're short on space and don't have the budget for a massive water feature, try turning containers into a tiny pond filled with water-loving plants.

Borrow From Nature

Landscape designer Michael Van Valkenburgh planted trees that naturally cool the garden terrace and house and created a bird habitat. The paving mimics logs flowing down a river.

Embrace Color

Embrace color in the garden with a bench in a striking color accented by pillows and well-placed pavers that welcome visitors to take a moment to rest and take in the view.

Lush Hideaway

This backyard has plenty of spaces to relax. Choose between a suspended daybed or a hammock that swings between two trees.

Modern Zen Backyard

Garden walls of horizontal wood slats provide a screen and create a focal point in this modern, zen-like garden space. Succulent plantings rest amid smooth stones, and a water feature offers soothing sounds.

Sit in the Shade

Sit down and stay awhile on this cushioned, out-of-the-way bench under a backyard pepper tree. Rambling groundcover plants and the curved planks of the fan deck lead your eye out to the rest of the yard.

Amazing Balinese Garden with Floating Patio

Granite bridges provide the perfect path to explore this stunning garden. A floating patio island showcases the round bed and views of the pond.

Child of Nature

Integrating natural components into an outdoor space where children can play, relax and get in touch with their surroundings can be a simple or elaborate landscaping proposition depending on your property. One example is creating a creek bed with river stones that can channel water through your yard while also serving as an idyllic zone for reflection and self-discovery.

Power Spot

Heaven Is a Garden author Johnsen says every garden has a "power spot," or the possibility of one. "It can be a high point or a shady nook," she says. "Here we made a rustic stone walk up to an old apple tree. No one can resist a secret path!"

Contemplating Perfection

Designed as a place of meditation, The Harmonist Labyrinth in New Harmony, Indiana was reconstructed between 1939-1940 with privet hedge on the site of the original design. The Harmonists believe that the labyrinth symbolizes the difficult path of life to reach true perfection.

Engage the Mind

A tranquil labyrinth garden offers an invitation for contemplation. You can recreate the look in your own backyard using gravel or pavers.

Pave the Way

Ivy climbs the wall behind a wooden bench in this tranquil garden with a fountain. Stone pavers with grass create a pathway through the garden.

From: DK Design

Tranquil Outdoor Grounds Boast Bay Views

A private bench offers a tranquil space to enjoy the exquisite views of the bay on the grassy, outdoor grounds. Strategically placed fire-pits add warmth for cooler nights so the glorious outdoor space can be used all year long.

Outdoor Oasis

A copper firepit is the perfect focal point for this colorful, contemporary outdoor room.


This lush outdoor space features a hot tub on a raised wooden deck.

Asian-Inspired Design

A meditation spot was tucked into a corner of this garden, with a Buddha surrounded by bamboo rising vertically and pebbles running horizontally.

Privacy Plants

Hydrangea bushes line the stone paver pathway through this tranquil garden. Evergreens and hedges provide privacy for this peaceful space.

From: DK Design

Privacy, Please!

Relax, take a breather or even meditate in this small, out-of-the-way area that is as beautifully apportioned as the rest of the home. Mark Scott and Associates designed the landscaping with a more secluded space in mind.

Deep Reflection

This water feature goes the extra mile — the water has been dyed black to enhance the sense of depth and drama in the fountain.

Grass Labyrinth

This incredible garden design features a grass labyrinth. Walk the maze for a meditative respite, or sit and reflect in one of the wooden chairs.

Double Duty Shed

This stunningly crafted tool shed serves as a pump house for a water feature that trickles into a Koi-filled moat that surrounds the garden patio.

Meditation Room

A small meditation room looks out on a colorful perennial bed. It's easy to spend a few hundred dollars on plants when outfitting a garden room, so stick with long-lived perennials.

Stone Pool House With Pool and Waterfall

This is not your average pool house: The structure includes a meditation area and fire pit. Along the back side is a spa-like glass-tiled shower and changing room as well as an outdoor shower. The building's stone wall doubles as a climbing wall and features a waterfall that empties into the pool.

A Relaxing Outdoor Meditation Deck

Unwind on this comfortable wood hammock shaded by the lacy canopy of tree branches from above. Blue cushions add color and comfort to help you relax for hours.

Zen Garden Design

The Zen garden outside this home gives the family a great space for relaxation. Inspired by an Asian garden, the bonsai trees, koi pond and Asian statues give the family the perfect spot for meditation.

From: Bea Pila

Asian Garden With Trellis

A sprawling trellis with vines provides privacy for a sunny backyard. A garden statue is surrounded by rhododendron and Japanese maples.

The Perfect Reading Nook

A pair of egg-shaped hanging wicker swings with blue pillows hang underneath an arched beam pergola in this outdoor living space.

Creative Hardscaping

Landscape design firm Siol added a berm to create an intimate space for reflection and meditation in the backyard of the San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2015. A crane was used to lift a 15-year-old, drought-tolerant coastal live oak tree into the mounded area, which is lined with cedar shingles.

Japanese Zen Garden With Buddha Statue

A statue of the Buddha sitting in meditation, flowers in hand, brings a sense of peace to this courtyard garden.

Rustic Desert Oasis

Grand gates lead into a southwestern-inspired patio with an adobe-style fireplace. A serene "rusting" steel-tub water feature transforms the space into a meditation area.

Creative Greenhouse Hack

The frame for a greenhouse provides definition for a charming outdoor room with a table, seating, lantern and plenty of containers to give the space definition and purpose.

River Stones Encourage Reflection

Inspired by the tranquility of traditional Asian gardens, this stunning multicolored round river stone walkway encourages an intentional, quiet reflection. The meandering shape of the path defines the surrounding green spaces, while the varying sizes and textures of the stone promote concentrated steps, causing visitors to slow their pace and relax.

Natural Curtains

Lush landscaping provides a natural screen, making this patio the perfect spot for quiet breakfasts.

Relax by the Pond

Outdoor enthusiasts with plenty of space will enjoy the look and feel of a naturalistic pond.

Peaceful Walkway

Along the side of this home, a narrow outdoor space is turned into a haven of meditative calm. Geometric pavers are surrounded by pale stones and rambling vines, and a bench finds a peaceful home between two large planters with succulents.

Private Terrace

An Ipe wood fence and bamboo trees to help keep this gorgeous space private. Smart lighting allows the space to be enjoyed any time of day.

Tranquil Lily Pond

A lily pond at the beach home's entrance is a tranquil and beautiful addition that fits in with the overall modern design.
From: Deena Bell

Texture Play

This out-of-the-way garden nook created by Sifford Garden Design is a study in foliage color, texture and shape, and looks good year-round.

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