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14 Great Garden Travel Destinations

HGTV Gardens writers share their summer travel plans.

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Photo: Image courtesy of Biltmore Estate

Garden Travel

Where do garden writers go on summer vacation? If you’re like us, summer travel includes spectacular garden destinations open to the public, offering lush landscapes, innovative designs, learning opportunities and some of the most beautiful gardens we’ve ever seen. HGTVGardens contributors share their summer travel plans.

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Photo: Rob O'Neal Photography

The Hemingway House, Key West, Florida

I made a short stop in Key West last October, but it was far too brief. A tour of Ernest Hemingway's home made me realize in addition to his writing talent and propensity for cats, Hemingway was a garden-lover with a gorgeous, lush space. I'd love to get back to Key West and spend more time with Hemingway's flora...and kitties.—Felicia Feaster

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Charleston, South Carolina

This iconic Southern city is famous for its gardens of every stripe and though I explored many of them last year, I am anxious to return and photograph even more. There is a special blend of a Southern and European sensibility in these gardens, many of them walled, that always offers more inspiration than the eye can drink in.—Felicia Feaster

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Photo: Photo by Felder Rushing

San Diego Botanical Garden, San Diego, California

Two of my best friends just moved to San Diego, so I'm planning a little West Coast excursion. The San Diego Botanic Garden is definitely on my agenda. Formerly known as Quail Botanical Gardens, the facility hosts over 3000 varieties of tropical and subtropical plants, including the nation’s largest bamboo collection.  Featuring succulent gardens, desert gardens, a tropical rainforest and the largest children’s garden on the west coast, this 37 acre paradise has something for everyone.—Jessica Yonker

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