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Color Blast: Japanese Maple

Plant these jewel-toned trees as garden focal points.

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'Summer Gold' Japanese Maple

'Summer Gold' emerges a light green color in the spring before, as its name suggests, displaying a beautiful golden yellow color throughout the summer, even through hot weather.

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'Orangeola' Japanese Maple

'Orangeola' is a fast-growing Japanese maple showing off stunning orange leaves in spring and fall. During summer, the leaves fade to hues of red and green.

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'Little Princess' Japanese Maple

'Little Princess' features bright, apple-green leaves edged in red in the spring, turning yellow in fall. This tree is ideal for small gardens and containers. 

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'Coonara Pygmy' Japanese Maple

'Coonara Pygmy' features ever-changing leaves that emerge in the spring pale pink and green. Once summer arrives, the Japanese maple sheds the pink hues before turning a bright orange-yellow with splashes of red in fall. This tree requires full sun to partial shade. 

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