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Plants That Stand Up to Summer Heat

With summer in full swing, learn about flowers and plants that can stand the heat and make for great arrangements from Atlanta-based florist Darryl Wiseman.

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Gerber Daisies

Darryl Wiseman is a florist on BloomNation, an online floral service that offers same-day delivery from member florists across the country, and the owner of Darryl Wiseman Flowers in Atlanta, Georgia. Wiseman says a gerber daisy is an example of a flower that stands up to the summer heat. 

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Photo: Photo by Lynn Coulter

Smoke Bush

"Smokebush is a wonderful tall bush-like flower," Wiseman says. It is highly drought-tolerant.

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Photo: Photo courtesy of Capture & Design

'Green Trick' Dianthus

'Green Trick' Dianthus performs well in the heat. "'Green Trick' is in the carnation family, and it’s so popular," Wiseman says. "Don’t be afraid to experiment with containers; containers are just as important as the flowers." The arrangement shown was styled by The Wheelbarrow Gardener.

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Photo: Courtesy Plant Delights Nursery, Inc.


Hellebores are low maintenance flower foliage plants that make great additions to floral arrangements, Wiseman says.

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