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The 20 Most Colorful Destinations in the World

From mosques in Iran to gardens in Japan, these destinations will brighten up life’s to-do list.

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Photo: Antonia Mufarech

The Earth's Most Vivid Spots

It’s easy to become consumed by life’s mundane tasks and forget how lucky we are to live on such a fascinating planet. It is refreshing to step back every once in a while and admire the beauty that exists all around us. And, who knows? Learning about a blue-tinted town in Morocco or a red river in Colombia might inspire us to broaden our horizons (or give us some perspective when we’re stuck in our heads). Whether you are planning your next trip or just want to feed your wanderlust, read on to discover some of the most colorful — and breathtaking — spots around the globe.

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Photo: Peter Adams, Peter Adams, Peter Adams

Grand Prismatic Spring in Wyoming

Located in the Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, the Grand Prismatic Spring is 370 feet in diameter (in other words, larger than a football field). Other than a hypnotic deep blue center, the spring has vivid loops of orange, yellow and green hues that derive from the different species of thermophilic bacteria.

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Photo: iStock/Charly Boillot

Cartagena de Indias in Colombia

Known for its colonial architecture and spirited streets, Cartagena’s colors shine in every corner of the city. Its proximity to many Caribbean islands makes this town an ideal destination for tourists, but so do its burgundy- and lemon-hued wooden balconies and wonderfully colorful fresh fruit stands.

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Photo: Farm Tomita / JTA / JNTO

Shikisai-no-Oka in Hokkaido, Japan

Although Kyoto and Tokyo are must-see cities on the island of Honshu when visiting Japan, don't miss Hokkaido, Japan’s second largest island — and a nature-lover’s paradise. From April to October, the gardens of Shikisai-no-Oka are defined by brightly colored flowers that turn the landscape into a heavenly meadow.

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