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The 20 Hottest Places on Earth

By: Joe Sills
April 13, 2021

Extreme heat and stunning landscapes define these places around the world where the temperature can get intense. Find out the hottest places on the planet.

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Photo: Gavin Hellier/AWL Images/Getty Images

Ready to Feel the Burn?

Step off of the plane and into these destinations and you could be rewarded with unforgettable views and some of the planet’s most captivating cultures. But be warned: short sleeves, shades and sandals may not be enough to protect you from the climate in these 20 places defined by record heat.

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Can You Travel to Extremely Hot Locations?

Is it safe to travel to areas with extreme heat? In general, locals have adapted to temperatures, but you will need to prepare. Memphis-based meteorologist Chelsea Chandler advises being in good physical health before departing and considering how much time you plan to spend on the road. “It’s possible to adapt to hot climates, but only after a few weeks,” says Chandler. “If you don’t have that kind of time, you can protect yourself by drinking plenty of non-alcoholic beverages, wearing sunscreen, covering your exposed skin with loose, light-colored clothing and by wearing sunglasses.”

You’ll also want to keep an eye on U.S. State Department travel advisories to be sure these destinations are considered safe for Americans to visit.

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Karakum Desert, Turkmenistan

A vast, flaming chasm draws tourists to the Karakum Desert in Turkmenistan, where record highs have reached 123 degrees Fahrenheit (or 50.55 degrees Celsius). Known as the “Gates of Hell,” this crater is actually a collapsed natural gas field that was likely set on fire by the Soviet Union in 1971 as a way to contain methane gas. Today, the Darvaza gas crater is one of the country’s most recognizable attractions.

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Doha, Qatar

Doha may be a sprawling, modern city, but its inhabits are still fighting Mother Nature in an eternal battle for comfort. Here, temperatures have climbed to 122.7 (50.3 Celsius) degrees Fahrenheit as recently as 2010. The temperatures prompted Doha to build climate-controlled stadiums in advance of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and spurred locals to open an indoor snow park inside Doha Festival City Mall.

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