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Your Grown-Up Summer Bucket List

"How I Spent My Vacation" essays are long gone for most of us, but the urge to squeeze every drop of sunshine out of the most glorious months of the year never gets old. Consider this your extracurricular inspiration for 2018.

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Photo: Loch and Key Productions

Catch a movie outdoors.

Major bonus points if you make your way to a drive-in (search by zip code for the one nearest you, here). Feel like sticking closer to home? Create your own backyard screen, get your hands on a projector and cozy up on the lawn.

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Photo: Citizen Pictures

Find your swimming hole.

It doesn't have to be a literal swimming hole (although this one in upstate New York is awfully magical, wouldn't you say?), but you need to cannonball into something this season.

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Clink glasses at sunset.

The balcony and beverage are up to you, but the pairing itself is a must: On at least one long, lazy summer evening, propose a toast for Daylight Saving Time.

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Photo: Nicole Caudle

"Pack" a picnic.

With all due respect to public beaches and parks, you don't have to wear pants when you picnic at home — and you don't have to hide your cocktails. Gather up all that glorious summer produce, assemble your favorite finger foods and (don't) go to town.

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