25 Fresh, Fabulous Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Ideas

We'll show you how to plan a one-of-a-kind bachelor or bachelorette party that fits the personality of the groom or bride with our fun and creative ideas.

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Poolside Party

If your city offers warm weather, or you can gather your girls for a weekend vacation, plan a poolside party. You can make the day ultra-laidback or opt for something posh and elaborate depending on the bride’s personality. Some precious time in a lounge chair, a little vitamin D and a lot of girl talk will have the bride feeling relaxed for her big day.

Rustic Retreat

A cabin getaway in the mountains is fitting for the nature-loving bride. The cabin’s exterior may be rough and rustic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress the interior to the nines. Plan activities to make the weekend feel like an extended slumber party.

Poppin' Invitations

Invite your besties to your bachelorette party in a sparkling way. Give them a personalized bottle of sparkling wine or champagne, a gift that doubles as an invitation. They're easy to make. Download the editable template, customize, print the labels onto sticker paper, cut out and then apply to each bottle. Soak the bottles to remove existing labels or put your label right on top.

Lipstick Pinata

Consider a lipstick pinata for the bride who regularly rocks red lips. It’s fabulous, inexpensive and sure to liven up your party. Fill it with candy, lipstick or bubble-wrapped airplane bottles — whichever favor best fits your plans for the night.

Spa Day

What bride doesn’t want to be pampered in the days leading up to her wedding? Instead of a night on the town, plan a relaxing spa day. This idea is perfect for the bridal party that includes a junior bridesmaid or two. Ladies of all ages can appreciate a long foot soak.

Diamond Ring Banner

We say YES to this giant diamond ring banner; the perfect decor for a bachelorette party or bridal shower. It is easy to make and so sparkly sweet. You will need glitter paper, eyelets, an eyelet setter, ribbon and scrapbooking adhesive. Download the diamond shape and the ring shape, print, and then cut out the diamonds. Attach each circle to the diamond using scrapbooking adhesive. Set an eyelet in each ring then insert the ribbon or tulle through the eyelet hole. Hang and celebrate!

DIY Nail Polish Bar

Crafty brides will adore this DIY nail polish bar. Combine this idea with a spa day, or make it into a nail-centric day of its own. The fun, feminine day will allow plenty of time to chat and dream about the days to come.

Muscleman Cookies

Whip up a batch of these muscleman cookies for the bride with a sense of humor. The funny and (dare we say) sexy cookies will be the highlight of the party.

Champagne Flute Cookies

If you want your cookies to ooze subtle sophistication, bake these champagne flute-shaped treats for your bachelorette soiree. The whimsical cardboard tags might even help get the party started.

Champagne Gelatin Shots

These sparkly gelatin shots require an actual bottle of champagne. They’re cute and classy but just wild enough to serve before a night on the town. Pair these sweet treats with light snacks or appetizers.

Mimosa Bar

Consider hosting a brunch with a colorful mimosa bar in lieu of a traditional bachelorette party. This idea is fun, adorable and affordable — ideal for the easygoing bride wanting some quality time with her gals.

Organized Exercise Class

The fitness fanatic bride may enjoy an organized exercise class. Quiz the bride on her workout routine to find which activity she enjoys most, and plan accordingly. Contact local companies to schedule the event beforehand.

Cooking Class

Is the bride a major foodie? Book a cooking class, and make a day (or night) of it. Make sure the menu complements the bride’s palate and/or her wedding diet.

Personalized Balloons

Nothing says party like a bunch of buoyant balloons. Balloons are perfect for any bachelorette bash. Have guests write notes to the bride on the balloons as an activity, and blow them up for her to see before the night ends.

Bachelor Party Invites

These DIY bachelor party invitations are sure to get the guys excited for the party. Shaped like pizza boxes and filled with funny figurines and appropriate gifts, the invitations will probably trigger some laughter too.

Crawfish Boil

Host a crawfish boil for the laidback groom who likes to eat. Rent equipment, and buy plenty of corn, potatoes and crawfish. This backyard bash is best served with the groom’s favorite beer.

Bar in a Jar

This gift is ideal for the traditional bachelor party. Give guests a jar filled with an assortment of alcohol at the beginning of the night — that way they can drink whatever they’d like at their own pace. The best part? Party goers should have plenty of alcohol left to take home the next day.

Red Solo Cup String Lights

Use mini shot-glass-size versions of red solo cups (we found ours at the dollar store) to make a strand of party lights. Simply use a utility knife to cut an X through the bottom of the cup then pop a bulb through the hole. We used a battery-operated strand so that it can be displayed anywhere - in the limo, in a bar, on a boat, in a garage or wherever the party is.

Whiskey-Tasting Bar

If the groom is a whiskey enthusiast, why not set up a whiskey-tasting bar for his bachelor party? If the weather allows, set it up outside along with a snack table or two.

Tuxedo-Inspired Snacks

Masculine but oh-so-adorable, these cheese-and-cracker snacks will add a touch of sophistication to any bachelor party. The recipe is easy and only requires three ingredients. You got this, groomsmen.

Cigar Bar

Instead of a traditional bar, create a cigar bar with a variety of options. This idea will work well for an evening affair. Use a rustic bar cart to make the display feel ultra-masculine.

Yard Games

Yard games are perfect for the groom who loves a low-key shindig. Have the handiest groomsman make a set of these giant wood dice for a fun game of yard Yahtzee.

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Practice Shots

Do you know where your bachelor or bachelorette party is headed? Even if you have a plan for the evening, things might change! That’s why you need to make travel shots to bring along. This way you can keep the party going no matter where you end up. Perfectly proportioned shots of your favorite cocktail, adorned with an awesome label that reads: “Ask me if I want a SHOT, I’m practicing saying I Do!”. Download these labels (green or pink), print them onto sticker paper and cut out using a 1-inch circle punch.

Golf Brunch

If the groom wants a day on the links for his bachelor party, consider throwing a celebratory brunch beforehand. Use golf balls as place cards, and serve an assortment of food that will keep the guys going for 18 holes.

Beer Pong Favors

Make these beer-tastic favors in a snap using: one beer, three red Solo cups, three Ping-Pong balls, a cellophane bag and electrical tape. Print our free beer pong kit labels onto sticker paper, cut out and place onto the cup.

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