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25 Fresh, Fabulous Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Ideas

We'll show you how to plan a one-of-a-kind bachelor or bachelorette party that fits the personality of the groom or bride with our fun and creative ideas.

Poolside Party

If your city offers warm weather, or you can gather your girls for a weekend vacation, plan a poolside party. You can make the day ultra-laidback or opt for something posh and elaborate depending on the bride’s personality. Some precious time in a lounge chair, a little vitamin D and a lot of girl talk will have the bride feeling relaxed for her big day.

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Rustic Retreat

A cabin getaway in the mountains is fitting for the nature-loving bride. The cabin’s exterior may be rough and rustic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress the interior to the nines. Plan activities to make the weekend feel like an extended slumber party.

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Poppin' Invitations

Invite your besties to your bachelorette party in a sparkling way. Give them a personalized bottle of sparkling wine or champagne, a gift that doubles as an invitation. They're easy to make. Download the editable template, customize, print the labels onto sticker paper, cut out and then apply to each bottle. Soak the bottles to remove existing labels or put your label right on top.

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Lipstick Pinata

Consider a lipstick pinata for the bride who regularly rocks red lips. It’s fabulous, inexpensive and sure to liven up your party. Fill it with candy, lipstick or bubble-wrapped airplane bottles — whichever favor best fits your plans for the night.

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