Virtual Wine Tastings to Try at Home

Bring vineyards from around the world into your home with these virtual wine tastings.

May 06, 2020
By: Joe Sills

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Travel Without Leaving Home

Each bottle of wine is its own experience and adventure. The flavors, notes and aromas unleashed with the pull of a cork can be an exciting journey to a new land or a relaxing voyage to an old haunt. And wine tastings? They’re like having a guide along for the ride. But you don’t always have to leave the house to experience a wine tasting. These winemakers from around the world will bring virtual wine tastings right to you.

The Prisoner Wine Company

How do you host your own wine tasting? The Prisoner Wine Company will give you a crash course thanks to Wine Educator Roberto Cromeyer and Director of Winemaking Chrissy Whitman. Together, the two have created a series of Instagram and Facebook videos that take you through wine tasting 101. The online course can be viewed at any time, and it's built around The Prisoner’s lineup of nontraditional blends, and capped by pantry-friendly recipes from Chef Brett Young.

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Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite)

Domaines de Barons de Rothschild (Lafite) has partnered with to take you on a virtual tour of their wines and properties from around the world. In a pre-recorded YouTube session, winemaker and chairwoman Saskia de Rothschild joins wine expert Gwendolyn Osburn in a sampling of vintages from South America to France —including a Bourdeaux blend that, according to Rothschild, aims to "shake the dust" off of the age old image of the famed, French wine region.

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Robert Mondavi Winery

Bring the French countryside into your kitchen with an iconic Napa Valley winery. Robert Mondavi Winery helped put Napa on the map as a reputable wine-producing region in the 1960s, and today it's still turning out some of the finest flavors in the area — both in the bottle and on the plate. To help you enjoy both from the comfort of your own home, Robert Mondavi has released a series of wine tasting videos that seek to inspire culinary creativity alongside their mainstay Napa Valley wines.

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Quintessa is all about state-of-the-art winemaking technology. Paired with a bottle of 2018 Illumination and 2017 Quintessa, this private, virtual tour takes visitors on a scenic journey around the Quintessa property for an immersion in biodynamic farming that shows how the entire vineyard operates as one living organism. Each tour is booked independently based around your schedule.

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Parallel 44

Parallel 44 co-owner Steve Johnson believes wine is best enjoyed in a group setting, and his Wisconsin winery is hosting virtual, Thirsty Thursday meetings each week via Zoom. There, Johnson and co-owner Maria Milano walk visitors through a new wine each week, explaining the tasting notes, pairing ideas and the process that goes into creating each batch in one of America's emerging wine markets.

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Tolosa Winery

California's central coast has a rich wine-making tradition that can be enjoyed right from your living room thanks to Tolosa Winery. The San Luis Obispo-area vineyard hosts three weekly gatherings: WOGA Wednesday, Tasting Tuesday and Technical Thursday. Tuesdays feature a virtual tasting on Zoom, Instagram Live and Facebook Live. Wednesday WOGA pairs wine and yoga together on the same platforms, and Thursdays are reserved for a behind-the-scenes tour of Tolosa's vineyard, ranch and cellar.

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Beaulieu Vineyard

Want to go beyond the bottle and dig into the deep, fascinating history of wine making? Beaulieu Vineyard has a space for you during its weekly virtual tastings. Hosted each Tuesday at 4 p.m. PST by the winemakers at Rutherford, California's Beaulieu Vineyard, these deep dive question-and-answer sessions on Instagram Live are best enjoyed with a few tasting glasses and a sense of curiosity. To see the viewing, you must be logged into Instagram and be of legal drinking age.

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Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa

Champagne's only luxury wellness destination is giving visitors around the world a glimpse inside with virtual champagne parties. Booked on request, these virtual parties feature a local Champagne expert who personally guides guests through the world's most iconic bubbly beverage and the region it calls home. Ahead of the tasting, Champagne experts from the Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa in Champillon, France customize a special selection via Drizly or Door Dash built around your taste for an experience that's like escaping to the French countryside from your living room.

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Kutch Wines

Jamie Kutch's limited vintage wines are served in restaurants from New York to California. Bright acidity, fine structure and rich tannins are the hallmarks of these small batch pinot noirs and chardonnays crafted at Kutch Winery. Kutch's virtual presence extends to London and Warsaw, where he's hosting virtual wine tastings for some of the world's most prestigious wine clubs. However, you can bring Kutch and his wine into your home by setting up a custom appointment via the email link below.

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Mac's Creek Winery & Brewery

A blossoming wine trail criss-crosses the southeast corner of Nebraska, where grape growing conditions are prime and participation in the Court of Master Sommeliers ranks among some of the nation's highest per capita. The intrepid wine makers and brewmasters of the McFarland family at Mac's Creek Winery & Brewery are bringing that Midwestern wine culture to the world from their own backyard via Facebook Live events each Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.

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Bricoleur Vineyards

Sonoma's Bricoleur Vineyards is offering free virtual tastings to complement its food and wine pairings, sold separately on its website. The tastings are available from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. PST and walk visitors through the flavors of the esoteric, Russian River Valley estate known for its award winning rosé, sauvignon blanc, pinot noir and chardonnay. On Saturdays, Bricoleur Chef Shane McAnelly fires up the stovetops on Zoom for a weekly "Quarantine Kitchen."

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Plumpjack Wineries

PlumpJack operates several California wineries, some of which offer virtual experiences. Cade Estate is hosting live cooking shows with local, Napa Valley chefs as well as virtual tours, educational discussions (screw caps versus corks, anyone?) and tastings. The sessions pair with virtual tasting packs on sale via the PlumpJack website. Meanwhile, Q&A sessions with company partners are available online and revolve around ecology, wine-making philosophy and more.

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Airbnb Experiences

A perfect pairing between vineyard and vintage makes for an unforgettable wine tasting, but you don't have to buy an exclusive bottle to enjoy a virtual wine tasting at home. In fact, you can expand your knowledge using any combination of wines using Airbnb Experiences. For less than $20, you and up to six friends can enjoy a virtual wine tasting from a Portuguese vineyard with a world traveler. It's a bring-your-own-bottle approach to virtual tastings that's easily accessible for most.

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