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12 Easy Ways to Improve Your Home's Security

Investing in a high-end security system isn’t the only way to feel safe in your home. Keep burglars at bay with these simple, inexpensive tips.
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You’ve Got (a lot of) Mail

An overfilled mailbox is a signal that you’re away. Ask a friend to empty your box and keep your porch clear of mail and fliers.

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Decal Decoy

Thieves look for an easy mark; making your home look tough to crack will encourage them to move on. You can easily put up security system decals — a clear deterrent — even if you don't have a system.

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Smart Outdoor Lighting

Putting some smart light dimmers in street-facing rooms or installing smart shades lets you control them all via app while you’re away. Put them on a random schedule to make it look like someone's always home.

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Give Shrubs a Trim

Overgrown foliage tells thieves they’ll have less chance of being seen while they work, and also that you may not frequently be around. Cut back those branches so it’s not so easy for burglars to hide.

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