Fireplaces and Stoves

From traditional wood-burning fireplaces to the newest pellet stoves, find out which type of heating source best suits your needs.
By: Jen Jafarzadeh L'Italien

Photo By: Werner Segarra, Design by: Oz Architects

Photo By: Kristian Frires

Convenient Gas Fireplaces

A gas fireplaces is low-maintenance, as it's easy to use and keep clean. "You have no ashes to clean out and the fire lights in just a couple of seconds," says Lou Manfredini, Ace's Home Expert. Design by Mark English; photography by Norma Lopez Molina

Gas: Faux Fireside Appeal

Whereas older gas fireplaces featured blue flames and artificial metal logs, today's gas fireplaces look quite realistic. Gas fireplaces are a favorite option among families with small children since there's an instant turnoff option.

Sleek Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces create realistic flame patterns in a safe, modern design. Most don't require venting, making it a convenient option for any room. All you need is a standard electrical outlet. Photo courtesy of CEDIA

Electric: High-Tech Meets Old School

A vintage Malm fireplace adds a dose of modern style to this living room. You can still find new versions of this electric hearth in bright colors online. Design by Jennifer Culp

Budget-Friendly Wood-Burning Fireplaces

With gas and electricity prices rising, a wood-burning fireplace is a cost-effective way to heat your home. Design by Oz Architects

Wood Burning: Cozy and Authentic

"Gas and wood-burning fireplaces run neck and neck when it comes to popularity," says Lou Manfredini, Ace's Home Expert. "Though many people feel gas fireplaces are more authentic." Photography by Kristian Frires

Low-Maintenance Pellet Stoves

A pellet stove can be a freestanding unit or a fireplace insert, and it burns compressed wood for heat and a constant flame. Wood pellets burn cleaner than wood, and wood-pellet stoves are easy to maintain. You don't need a chimney and flue with a wood-pellet stove. All you need is access to an electrical outlet. Design and photography by Olivia San Mateo

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