Details for Victorian Interiors

From ornate crown molding to chandeliers, these exquisite interior details embody Victorian design in a bathroom.

Victorian Design

Elaborate details and use of color found throughout Victorian interiors keep the eyes entertained. The design is a mixture of architecture that represents a period in history, rather than a specific style.

Enchanting Details

Decorative details flourish throughout the home. Wainscoting, trim and wallpaper with a classic floral or botanical design are common on walls.

Antique Pieces

Outfit your bathroom with a pedestal sink or classic claw-foot tub to reinforce the Victorian aesthetic.

Grand Moldings

Victorian design showcases complex moldings and exquisite details. Add a touch of interest to the ceiling by painting it a subtle color.

Romantic Elements

Furnishings and architecture found in a Victorian should be beautiful rather than practical. An intricate ceiling medallion and ornate chandelier evoke romance and luxury.

Personal Touches

Victorian homes are grand and exuberant yet personable. A lace shower curtain adds a feminine element to the decor. Paint the exterior of a claw-foot bath tub for an unexpected hint of calming color in the bathroom. Learn more about Victorian architecture on

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