Private Mediterranean Villa

Behind a gated entrance lies this magnificant Mediterranean home by Mark Scott Associates, which features an ivy-clad facade, a stone slab driveway and impeccable landscaping. Tall hedges and planters further the Old World feel.

Photo By: Mark Scott

Photo By: Mark Scott

Photo By: Mark Scott

Photo By: Mark Scott

Photo By: Mark Scott

Photo By: Mark Scott

Photo By: Mark Scott

Photo By: Mark Scott

Mediterranean Home Boasts Curb Appeal

Meticulous landscaping and hardscaping paid off for this Mediterranean style home. It definitely stands out and boasts striking curb appeal.

Beautiful Mediterranean Home With Gated Entry

The lovely Mediterranean style home features two entrances, including a gated driveway and a beautiful stone walkway that leads to a pair of weathered wooden doors.

Wooden Gate Peeks Into Mediterranean Home's Entry

A pair of wooden doors with wrought iron bars open up to reveal the Mediterranean home's entry.

Beautiful Mediterranean Home With Ivy Facade

A paver driveway and walkway blend into one cohesive design that goes perfectly with the home's Mediterranean style facade.

Ivy Covered Entry to Mediterranean Home

Bright green ivy covers the facade of the home's entry, and a pair of tall, slender evergreen trees rest on either side of the steps.

Front Entry to Gorgeous Mediterranean Home

The stunning Mediterranean style home boasts a three bay garage and paver style driveway that forms a walkway to the front door.

Mediterranean Home With Stone Slab Driveway

A stone slab driveway framed by perfectly trimmed hedges provides entry to the beautiful Mediterranean home.

Private Mediterranean Home With Curb Appeal

Trees, hedges and a gated entry give this Mediterranean home some extra privacy from those passing by.

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