Flowers for Your Greenhouse

Considering adding a greenhouse to your garden or want to add some beauty to a greenhouse you have already? You may want to include these tropical treasures.


Mandevilla is popular for its lovely blooms in pink, yellow, white, red or dark red. Plant this fast-growing, twining vine in full sun and in well-draining soil. It's either deciduous or evergreen, depending on species.


Bougainvillea’s paperlike bracts appear in red, orange, yellow, pink, purple or white and envelope tiny white flowers. Bougainvillea thrives in well-drained soil, and blooms best when the soil is slightly dry.


Consider anthurium for an accent of exotic beauty indoors, or outdoors in bright shade in zone 11 or 12. Anthurium's "flower" actually is a waxy leaf-type structure that comes in white, pink, purple, orange, red and bi-color. (The real flowers — very small — are contained on the spadix, the "tail.")

Angel's Trumpet

The spectacular Angel's Trumpet (Brugmansia aurea) brings tropical beauty to any garden. It blooms from spring to fall, blooming heaviest as the temperatures drop in autumn. Be warned, though, it's part of the nightshade family and all parts of it are poisonous.


Plumeria can grow up to 20 feet tall and come in varieties that flower in pink, red, white, yellow and multiple colors. A deciduous or semi-evergreen shrub, this tropical beauty is also known as Frangipani and requires at least 6 hours of sun each day.

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