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Tour an Industrial Atlanta Loft in a Factory Tower

September 09, 2020

Blending modern minimalism and industrial design, this luxurious loft inside a 19th-century brick tower takes style to new heights.

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Photo: Brandon Sutton

One-of-a-Kind Design

Atlanta is home to many architectural gems, but the utterly unique Stacks Tower Loft housed in an historic textile mill is undoubtedly one of the most unusual living spaces the city has to offer. From the exterior, the one-of-a-kind building is clearly special, but a step inside will show you everything this luxurious loft has to offer. This unconventional space could be yours for its current asking price of $750,000.

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Photo: Zach Toth

A Minimalist Approach

It's inspiring to view the space with all its gorgeous details. The behemoth beams bridging the lengthy walls of the tower, the creative mix of windows flooding the space with light and the stunning exposed-brick walls all fight to take your breath away. Owner Brandon Sutton has taken a minimalist approach in furnishing the space, allowing the architectural details to shine through.

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Photo: Zach Toth

Grand Plans

Brandon purchased the loft in 2006 but has lived in the space since 2002. "In 2006, the developer began the process of converting the property to condominiums. Those of us who were renting got the first chance to purchase our lofts," notes Brandon. "I jumped on the chance to own it and immediately reached out to my friend Joel Kelly, a well-known residential architect, to discuss plans for a renovation."

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Photo: Zach Toth

Back to Barebones

With Joel by his side, Brandon moved forward with the renovation of the loft. The combined vision was a barebones version of the space that stripped away all the drywall and exposed the beautiful brick. In Brandon's words, "Basically all the [drywall] came out, except for the outer walls. We were essentially starting over, creating a totally new space from scratch."

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