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Fresh Window Treatment Ideas

Instantly transform the look of your living room with new window treatments. Find the one that best complements the style of your space.

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Photo: Marvin Windows and Doors

French Doors and Windows

There's nothing quite like relishing the look of your gorgeous windows and doors. But when privacy or just keeping sunlight from warming your room are a concern, there are multiple options to consider in window treatments. Read on for our window treatment tips.

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Roman Shades

Tailored Roman shades are the perfect option for traditionally styled spaces. Since they have simple, sleek lines, they also work in contemporary rooms. Designer Phyllis Harbinger says this about her window treatment choice, "Elegant silk Roman shades with glass-bead trim adorn the windows. Not wanting to deter from the architecture of the space, custom-designed hand-carved corbels for the drapery panels frame the fabulous Palladian windows."

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Floor-to-Ceiling Drapes

Floor-length drapes are simple, classic and make any space look more sophisticated. Designer Shelly Riehl David says this about her window treatment choice, "Custom elaborate draperies with imported trim are tied on handpainted medallions to frame the beautiful view of the lakeside."

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Balloon Shades

Billowing balloon shades give the effect of graceful, flowing draperies while remaining enclosed in the window frame. Designer Sue Adams highlights a perfectly pink French country space with floral-printed balloon draperies.

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