Yard-Sale Treasures

Yard sales are a treasure trove of things you never knew you needed. So take a look at some of our recent finds and consider where they might fit perfectly into your home.
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As for this Greek hunk, he sure can hoist a lamp, and he looks great as-is in a classic, understated setting. Or you could spray-paint him a shocking shade of lime green for a fun, kitschy accessory.

Quilts are always plentiful and affordable at yard sales. This one has a traditional fan-block pattern using bright cottons and feed sacks, circa 1940s. It's functional art.

A number of companies have made their own versions of this Little Red Riding Hood cookie jar over the years, and there are also plenty of knockoffs out there. Your best bet: Buy one in good condition for $40 or less. And you don't need to use it for cookies. Use your imagination.

This faded, chipped metal lawn chair has character to spare. Throw a floral seat cushion on it and you've got instant charm for your porch or patio.

Supercheap at $1.25 each, these highly decorative iron hooks are perfect for a beach-themed powder room.

This assortment of bottles, some more than a century old, turned a gorgeous shade of purple over time. Great for bud vases and more, you'll enjoy the writing on them as much as you'll enjoy their beauty.

This pair of posters honoring the work of famed sculptor Alexander Calder would be an excellent decor choice for someone who appreciates art, color and historical value.

Add some urban sophistication to parties with these colorful, city-themed tumblers.

This lovely portrait, priced at $62, is a steal, especially considering its condition and beautiful frame. Place old portraits like this in your home to add a touch of grace, romanticism and mystery.

Old buttons are great little jewels in home decor. Think about how you could use them to make one-of-a-kind pillows, frames, gifts and more.

Often sold for $1 or less, handmade pot holders, kitchen towels and other regularly used linens are charming bargains.

If you need to buy furniture and other large pieces for your home, a large yard sale or estate sale is a smart place to begin shopping. This classical coffee table was priced at $38.

You never know what you'll find at a yard sale. Rev up the style in a man cave or den with these car parts. Use a little creativity to turn them into a focal point.

Check out these antique cabinet drawers that once held a printer’s typeset stamps. These are ideal for displaying small collectibles. Hang them as is, or create a shadow box.

Examples of antiques that serve well as clever present-day storage containers, these collectible Ball jars could hold a multitude of items and look beautiful on a shelf or countertop. The same is true for old wooden toolboxes.

Architectural salvage offers plenty of possibilities for bargain decorators. Retain the patina for shabby chic style, or refinish carefully for a look that's as good as new.

This antique rocker is decades old, but with a little love it will last decades more. A good reason to buy antique furniture: They really don't make them like they used to.

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