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Our Favorite Paint Projects From HGTV Magazine

HGTV Magazine editors will paint just about anything! Take a look back at fun projects from years past.

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Photo: Alison Gootee

2019: Cactus

Pastel pink turned a plastic cactus into a design wonder.

here's how (slide 1)

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Photo: Emily Kate Roemer/ Studio D

2018: Lamp

When we lit up a drab lamp with a black-and-white makeover.

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Photo: Ben Goldstein

2017: Chandelier

Easier than it looks—we spray-painted the whole thing without taking it apart. Paintover tip: Don’t bother removing the crystals—it’s actually easier to paint them while they’re hanging from the light.

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Photo: Stuart Tyson

2016: Globe

We left a heart peeking out when we greened this up. Joy to the world!

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